Speakers that are matched well with Krell

I am looking for new speakers. My system is as follows. A Krell KRC-HR for a preamp, KAV250a for the amp, a KAV 300cd for my cd player, Nordost Red Dawn interconnects and Nordost Blue Heaven for my speaker wire. I am using Sonus Grand Piano speakers now. These speakers are from my dedicated home theater and I want to keep them there. Any opinions would be welcome.
B&W Nautilus series goes well with Krell.
I have always been told (but never myself heard) that the the classic combo woth Krell is Apogee speakers and MIT cables. I can't really recall anyother group of manufactureres who are spoken togtehr as often as these three. Perhaps Bryston and Maggies but thats another thread discussion...
Best of luck I'm sure they sound quite nice with the Sonus Faber's
Also look at Dynaudio speakers and Cardas cables
A local dealer that used to sell Krell told me that B&W's mated very well with that brand of amp / preamp. The sound that i heard in their showroom with that combo was always pretty decent. That dealer ended up losing their Krell account due to territorial disputes though. They have since moved onto Classe', which does not mate near as well with the B&W's in my opinion. Sean
At one time I had B&W801 MatrixIII's with a a Krell KRC-HR and Krell KSA-250 and then the FPB-300. Krell is one of the few amps that can control the 12inch woofer on the 801's. The sound was excellent. I now have the 650MC mono's, KPS-25sc running into the Wilson MAXX and love it even more because of the Wilson's dynamics top to bottom, more engaging detail and to my ears more musical than the older B&Ws. Can't comment on the Nautilus. By the way, Transparent and Krell work well together also.
For Krell & Nautilus, what speaker cable in between?
You might listen to the Krell speakers?
I've paired my KAV 300i with 3 models of Sonus Faber and have been well pleased with all. The only difference was how many strands of OCOS speaker wire worked the best. I am using the Concerto Home currently and am enjoying a particularly nice soundstage.
Dynaudio Contour or higher will be good.
Judit, I would try Analysis Plus oval 9 for single wiring. Or Oval 12 on bottom / Oval 14 on top if you bi-wire. This is what I plan on auditioning. There may be better out there but it will cost a lot more.
I'd recommend Dynaudio Contours - I had the KAV/250a and Contour 3.0 combo for a couple years, and recently upgraded to the FPB-200c. I really like the sound on all types of music, though rock and jazz are my two genres of choice.

I personally would steer clear of at least the monitor Krell speakers (and the others are way too pricey most likely). I listened to the Krell monitors ($10K retail) driven by the FPB, followed by the Dynaudio Contour 1.3SE monitors ($3500 retail) and it wasn't even close, IMO - I much preferred the Dynaudio's.
Thanks for all your opinions. Judit, now I am using Nordost Blue Heaven Bi-Wire for speaker cable but will go to the Red Dawn eventually. I really like the B&W 802's and am leaning this way. I showed my wife the 803's and the 802's, she liked the way the 802's look; that works for me.
First of all, your KRC-HR is far and away your best component. I would try to upgrade the rest to the FPB level.

Then buy the best B&W speaker that you can afford!

I do plan on upgrading to the FBP 300 someday. I am happy with the 300CD and plan on keeping that for a while. Thanks again, all your thoughts have been helpful.