Speakers that are good with tubes

I have see several recommendations against tube amps powering certain speakers. But which speakers are known to really like time amps, especially high powered tube amps?


Sonus Faber



Most speakers. But the speaker needs to be matched to appropriately powerful amp. Not a 15 wpc amp with 82 db efficiency speakers. I doubt 300 wpc amp with 105 db speaker would be an ideal match either. 

All tube amp got issues to control bass driver , because output impedance much more higher co compare solid state amp. You hear bass less articulate and more fatty .I say only speakers with active bass is ideal for music reproduction ,using tube amplifier.  You can see some brands included horn speakers but not to many on the market (my brand included)

Coincident Technology, Verity Audio, Reference 3a, most horn speakers, I could go on.  Hell, even Joseph Audio speakers are potentially tube friendly given their easy phase angles and is why Jeff Joseph doesn’t readily disclose sensitivity specs because that’s not the only factor that makes a speaker “tube friendly” or not.  You gotta get into the details of what frequency impedance drops, phase angles, etc. before determining if a speaker is “tube friendly” or not.  The devil is in the details, and also in the tube amp itself.