Speakers That Are Good Near Wall...But Not Corner?


I'm considering putting together a second system for another room in the house. Decent sized room, 20-something feet by about 13-15 feet.

Due to room/living situation, I will not have the ability to pull the speakers out from the wall several feet like in my primary system.

The amplifier powering the speakers would either be a lower powered tube amplifier (say 5-15w), or a lower powered SS amplifier such as a Gainclone. So I would need some sensitivity.

I obviously have a choice of long-wall or short-wall placement.

On the shortwall I could aim for a corner horn, or something to that effect. If you were looking down the length of the room, with the speakers in the far corners, they could not be exactly in the corners, they would have to be pulled inwards at least a foot -- on the side walls, on each side is a radiator..

For long wall placement, if you split the room into 1/3's, there is an empty wall for most of 2/3 of the room, with doors on each side. I could place against the wall, but neither would be in proximity of a corner by many feet.

So, any ideas on a sensitive speaker that is recommended to be against or close to the back wall, but not near corners, that ideally has no or as minimal a crossover as possible under say $1k?

I'm not from the low-powered amplifier camp right now, nor have much of any experience with single-driver, horn, or highly sensitive speakers, but this is what I'd like to try in this room....

Any thoughts or comments greatly appreciated.
I have a room likewise with some interesting challenges
as far as placement is concerned. I auditioned a number of
speakers but was disappointed with the sound when brought
back closer to the back wall. To make a long story short
I wound up with a set of Dunlavy speakers which does an
amazing job of taking the room factors largely out of the
equation. They are very directional. Incredible imaging
with the lowest tightest base I've heard. Give them a try
and it may be an answer.
While various Linns don't fit your requirements re: cross-overs or ultra high sensitivity, they might work nicley close to the back of the long wall.
You may, or may not, be interested in these

JerryS Speaker Project

I would guess that they sound pretty good. It appears from Jerry's picture that they are not too far out into the room.

I had a pair of Linn Kan II's at one time and they sounded best (best compromise)4" off wall and 20" inches off corner along short wall.
Maybe Omega loudspeakers...single source drivers...front ported...and affordable...search: Omega Loudspeakers...