Speakers suggestions for Rotel components

I need some suggestions for speakers for my system:
rotel RC995 preamp
rotel RB990 amp (200x2)
rotel RCD-02

Currently, my speakers are a pair of Polk monitor 10's. These have served me well back when I was listening to music through my HTS, but I'm afraid they are the weak link to my current system.

The only other speaker types I have tried are B&W and JBL's.
My roomate has a pair nice JBL L220. They kick butt with his Mcintosh system, but when matched with my system, my ears started to bleed...way too harsh (perhaps horns are not a good match for Rotels?). Some say Rotel products sound bright. Others say neutral or clean. Well, I guess it's up to preference.

I tried out some B&W CM604. They were matched with rotel components at the local store. I can honestly say that my system with the Polk monitor 10's sounded better than these B&W's. It sounded muted and I wasnt happy with the low freq sounds. The Nautilis speakers sounded superb, but I can't afford these.

I found some affordable older model B&W 801 and 802 speakers on ebay and here and such, but research tells me that these guys are hard to drive, and I would probably have to spend tons more to upgrade my current system.

I am at an impasse. I have this terrible affliction of wanting to upgrade and more, but I can't afford to make expensive mistakes, especially with speakers.

I like listening to rock, Euro synth rock/electronic music, and occasionally R&B. (examples...Pink Flyod, Satriani, Velvet Underground, Terje Rypdal, Enya, Sarah McLachlan, Postal Service, Underworld, Morrissey). I'm not much into classical music, but I do enjoy piano and jazz music.

I hope this info helps narrow your suggestions. I am looking to spend $1000-$2000. I'm not limited to just new speakers as I will definitely spend money on the right vintage speakers in good condition.
Just as suggestions to look in to: Ruark and Magnepan.
I have a the 1090 amp and 1090 pre and running a set of Ushers and love them. Prior version of the same system with the 1080 amp(wpc) drove a pair of Thiels CS 2.2 and really "manhandled" the speakers. I think used Thiels would offer the cost and sound you seek...good luck
Look into the NHT line. I have them with Rotel in my theater setup and they seem to work well together.

I helped a friend put together a system with similar Rotel components and we found a nice pair of used Meadowlark Kestrels that he's very happy with.
If you could stretch your budget for Sonus Fiber Grand Piano you will be completely in heaven even v.s. B&W 802...
Sounds like you should try Vandersteen 2ce Signatures. If you can spend a little more, I second the Sonus Faber Grand Piano which look much nicer. Either way, both of these models will keep your Rotels under control.
maybe the B&W cdmnt line or even the 700 series would fit your bill...i understand that the CM series is quite a step down from what i have read in the forums here (funny how they are almost as expensive though...i think it's that Scandinavian neo industrial look that commands the price...toungue in cheek)