Speakers suggestions for ML 335, 380s, 39

Looking to upgrade my speakers and need some suggestions as I live in area without highend audio and am unable to audition quality speakers. My price range is around 5000.00. I am considering Thiel CS2.4 and the Revel F50's. Opinions, suggestions welcome. Thanks
I'm a big fan of Magnepan if you've got the room. I have
the ML 335, 380S, 37 and 360. I'm using them with Magnepan
1.6QR's and a Rel Strata III subwoofer. If you can go
to $5000, seriously consider the Magnepan 3.6's. They offer
spectacular soundstage, imaging and state-of-the-art high
end with the ribbon tweeter. They (like all Magnepans) demand a quality high power amp, and the 335 is up to the
task. Can't speak to the Revels, though they have a good
reputation. I've owned Thiel 3.5's and was less than enamored with them. They are finicky about source components and can often sound bright and harsh.
You can't go wrong with Revel product. How about a used pair of Studios? They would be worth saving for!
Aerial 9's used would do the trick.
Or Aerial 10T's. Great speaker at it's used price point.


Paul :-)
Thanks everyone for you input. I did hear the magnepan 1.6QR once they were very impressive. I've never had a chance to hear the 3.6 but, I did hear the 20's once.. they were unbelievable. The Ariel's I'll have to investigate further and I've never heard anything negative about the Studio's... they're probably a sure bet.. thanks again...
I just got back from a dealer and just heard the Revel F50 (4k$ new) and the Magnepan 3.6 (4.3k$ new)

The Revels were the clear winner (and came out to 300$ less!)

Go and listen for yourself.
In that price range, my first choice would be the Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature System speakers at just about 5K bought direct from Tyler...

A store brand pair of speakers that I also liked in that range that costs a bit less (but also was not as good sounding to my ears) are the Dali Helicon800s. Very nice finish on these, BTW, if that is important to you...

Both are worth an audition... The Tylers are hard to audition due to their Internet direct sales, but they are worth the extra effort of going to someone's home and hearing them, IMO.

Good luck,