Speakers Speak & Sing Too Much ???

On some recordings I can hear a split second repeat of the singer's or musician faint coming through the speakers. This is after hearing the recording . *It's only a split second but it's subtle.

This mainly happens on some of the Blue Note & Fantasy Jazz CD recordings.

Is my system out of phase ? Or some kind of feedback or conflict. Ss there something else wrong ? Or is this normal with certain older recordings ? And again this only happens once in awhile with mainly some older late 50's & 60's recordings remastered on CD. I evem changed cables and currently running balanced throughout.

Am I going nuts ??

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I remember something like this effect on records when I was a kid (in the 70s), on inexpensive systems, although I think the faint sound happened slightly before the real sound. I don't know what caused it, and I can't remember hearing it on any CDs. I don't know if the effect I heard is from the same cause as your experience. Perhaps the CDs were mastered from records? Or perhaps it is a result of analog reverb machines? I wish I knew, but it brings back memories.