speakers size/room size

The house I just bought has a 282 square feet living room and is about 2775 cubic feet. (26.2m2*3m)
My current speakers are not bass monsters with 2*14cm mid/woofers. The problem is can I put bigger speaker in a room that size? In a advert I saw Wilson Audio Witt and I really like the watt/puppy so I was thinking the Witt might make a nice poor mans watt/puppy. But will those speakers come to their right in a room like that? Other speakers I have seen and like are Von Sschweikert VR4 IIISE are these any better in a small room?
Or should I look for high quality monitors like Totem Mani 2-sig Dybaudio special 25 etc.

Any advise is welcome.

Ps my whole house is 1345square feet and I paid about 235.000euro. I bet in the US you can buy a bigger house for that kind of money.
consider smaller monitors on stand and a sub. great imaging and u can taylor the bass to the room. personally in a room that size i think a big full range speaker placed away from rear walll and side walls would be a waste of living space. of course the sound is what counts as for listening satisfaction so i cant say what model or brand would work.

re; house $$... in s.f. or manhattan that would be a steal