Speakers similar to Avantgarde horn

I was just mesmerized when I first heard them. It was the closet of a live sound I've ever heard. The only problem is that because of their size and shape, they probably won't fit in with the rest of my room and furniture.
So I am looking for a similar pair of conventional speakers that have the same type of sound for future purchase.
they have some smaller models available now .
You might want to consider the Classic Audio Reproductions T-5. Extremely lively, uses superb drivers, and not too big.

The Avantgarde Solos are the newest horns. Perhaps not quite as good as the bigger horns, but smaller, more wife friendly, and cheaper with built in power amps. have listen. You won't be disappointed
klipsch heresy..
In order of size (and likely corresponding average price you will find them at, although there are always bargains to be found); Klipsch Khorn, Belle Klipsch, Klipsch LaScala, Klipsch Cornwall, Klipsch Heresy All have the stunning clarity and speed of horn drivers, are more 'conventional' looking, utilitarian if you will. MUCH cheaper on the used market. Fantastic with tubes - Don't bother IMO with solid state - go another direction. Will sound even better with some modifications (search archives here, on Audioasylum, and on the Klipsch forum).


Forget Avantgarde solos - those things are WAY fuglier than the uno/duo/trio. Sound worse to boot (IMHO) than the uno/duo, not that the unos/duos/etc are the cat's meow either, even.

They sound like that because they are front loaded horns....conventional loudspeakers are going to sound like, well, conventional speakers. Are Oris 200's a little smaller?
Sorry, no free lunch.

Maybe the Quad ESL 988 is what would do for me. I still need to make sure my room is big enough for them.
HUH?! The Quad ESL 988 is a great speaker for sure, but it's not a horn, nor does it sound like a horn. You may want to listen to a pair first if your expectations are set around the sound of horn speakers. The ideal amplification for each of those types of speakers may vary dramatically also. The Quad will likely require a bit more muscle. Either would be best suited with tube amplification though (IMO).

Köchel is another horn option. Be careful that the speaker you select will work properly with the size of your room.

If you like the sound of horns, be very careful about purchasing another technology. I especially love the articulate horn loaded bass provided by the Köchel K300.

Edgarhorns and Classic Audio Reproductions are EXTREMELY good options as well. Duke at Audiokinesis is a trustworthy and knowledgable dealer that is familiar with differing designs.

Check out the Audio Asylum High Efficiency Speaker Forum for insight regarding horn technology. Just like other speaker technologies, there are many approaches to horn design, with some liking one approach over another. They are all good, but you will probably have a preference.

If you can wait until October, Rocky Mountain Audiofest would be a good place to hear a variety of horn designs.
If you like the dynamics of horn in a smaller package.Check out thehttp://www.4sptech.com
See what the Pro and audiophiles rave about these speakers!
oris horns they are the closest in sound to AV .I have owned both.
I agree with Ed_Sawyer. Sure the Solos are 1/2 the price of Uno's but they are no bargain even at that price IMHO. They don't have the magic of the Unos.
I also agree on the Solo comments--they did not charm me at all, while the Unos were very impressive.
You may take a look at equally German-made, well-regarded horn speakers Odeon at www.odeon-audio.de, including an English version. They have speakers that start with 2000 Euros per pair for the Fidelio, I do not know about US-distribution