Speakers secured with bungee cord

Someone suggested using bungee cord to secure speakers to their stands. Will this work?
Sure it will work provided the stand is anchored to the floor.

If not then the speaker may get injured when bungee jumping.

Also if you treasure your speakers- don't let the wife select the length of bungee cord.
I let my pricey speakers go jetboarding and parasailing, but bungee jumping is right out.
Try it if you want to loose an eye or get some stitches, thats about all bungee cords are good for.
Don't know about the stands, but there was this thread about hanging them from the ceiling:

No. The cords are to elastic to give any benefit. You want something solid... a brick, not an oversized rubber band.
There was a post on Agon some time ago talking about a blue putty. Bluetack - I think it was called, some members had used it for securing speakers to stands. Help me out here someone.

At any rate, I bought some on-line for $7-8 and used it on my HT setup. Man, it grabs the speaker and wont let go very easy. About two months ago I upgraded speakers. It took 10-15 minutes, but I separated the speakers and the stands and got all the old putty cleaned up. Not a mark on the speaker. I stuck 5-6 pieces on the new speakers and ... well, there you go.

Works like a charm - and no damage to the speakers. Some of the people who posted even used it for securing heavy power cords to the power sockets on their amplifiers to keep them from falling out.

Good Luck.
I don't like the fact that the speakers protrude 1 1/2" off the mount, so I thought a cable holding them on might be a good idea. I saw the post about a bungee cord here on Audiogon (maybe).
i've seen this done at the pima county fair.
You might want to contact Pedrillo. He doesn't use bungee cord, but he hangs
his Merlin's: