Speakers recommendations to use with a Cary 805

I am looking for speaker recommendation to use with my Cary 805 amplifiers. My room is approximately 14 x 17 x 8 and the speakers will be placed on the short wall. This is a dedicated room; therefore, speaker placement is not a problem. The room has been professionally acoustically treated.
As you have not mentioned price, check out the Brentwood horns that just came up for sale on this site.
Merlins would be my first choice with THAT amp and the room size is perfect,good luck,Bob
Cary 805s will drive many speakers to high SPLs, given the size of your room. I've used the Merlin VSMs that Bob mentions with wonderful results. I've also done well with Verity Parsifal Encores (a tougher load), and several other near full range floorstanders. You can go a lot of ways here.


PS The amps will sound different with 211 vs 845 outputs (shouldn't, but IME will). You may want to try both types with the speakers you're considering in order to figure out the better match.
Coincidents would be mychoice w/those ampS congrats on the voltage enjoy
Depends on your music and your preference, really. I used to have 805's, so here are my suggestions:

- Avantgarde Uno or Duo. Very good pairing with the 805, most lifelike dynamics I have ever heard. Downsides: incoherent sound unless you have a very big room. Subwoofer integration is a problem, but not insoluble.

- WLM. High efficiency single driver nirvana, but IMO better suited to smaller rooms.

- Tannoy Prestige series. Big fat romantic sound, excellent dynamics. Downside is the fuddy duddy styling. Again IMO :)
Von Schweikert VR4JR MkII's would be nice. They are kind of "tight", which would compliment the uber-tubiness of the 805's. The SR's would be great; but not in that room, I don't think. Both go to 20Hz with tight bass for two channel.