Speakers/receiver for classical music and opera on a budget

I apologize in advance.  You are all audiophiles and I'm only a beginner - and a poor one at that.  But I am desperate for some help.  Finding the right speakers and receiver, on a budget, for CLASSICAL music and OPERA is very, very hard.  I have a 13'x13' family room and $600.  I'd like to plug my computer, dvd player, tv, cd player and speakers into the receiver.  Please don't hate me for getting on here to ask for help.  You men/women are music gods and I need some miracle.  I'm obviously poor and don't know a thing. Right now I have Infinity Reference 2000-3 speakers and a Yamaha RX-395 receiver - if I plug my MacBook Air into that it really sounds bad.  I've been listening/watching opera via streaming/dvd on my computer with headphones.  A 3-hour opera with headphones is long.  Anyone care to help?
Well, thank you. I didn't know until now that I am a music god.)I doubt if I have a miracle for you. I also like classical music and opera. I have listening to planar speakers (Apogee Duetta II's) for over 30 years. I happen to like the sound of planars. Apogee is out of business but you might find some used ones. Or, perhaps listen to some speakers made by Magnapan. These are also planars and are very nice with classical music. So what's wrong with your receiver?? I don't know but feel the other gods here can guide you. You may get a  lot of opinions about your questions, but that is they are: opinions. What matters is your ears. Happy listening...it is your ears and budget that will determine what you get.
The Greek Myth of Daedalus and Icarus can serve as a guide. : )

If you truly need a receiver, the Outlaw RR2160 is pretty much the only game in town.

If you can get by with an integrated amp with multiple outputs, then there are more possibilities.

My advice: use that $600 to improve *one* of your components (either receiver OR speakers), and the start saving up again.  No point in dribbling it away with $300 each.  You should probably be looking at ELAC speakers.

Ok.  Just to know how far off my advice has been...  Crutchfield and Audio Advice told to get this receiver/speakers:  Denon AVR-X1400H IN-Command receiver and MartinLogan Motion® LX16 speakers.  Then I was told to get: DENON AVR-S540BT 5.2 Channel AV Receiver with CAMBRIDGE AUDIO SX-60 Standmount Speakers.  Just thought I'd let you know.  Sounds like I need to save my money.  I appreciate the input and names of receivers and speakers that I can buy now or what I should shoot for.

Those stores are in business to sell, like any business.  If you give them a set budget, they will tell you what they can sell you from among the brands they stock, and if you're lucky they'll tell you what they recommend among that limited range.

Remember, there are lots of different beasts out there.

Integrated amp.


Audio-visual receivers.

The more you bolt on, to hit a certain price point they have to economize elsewhere.

If you don't need some features (e.g. 5.1) go more simply.

If you just need an integrated amp, I'm sure the forum can provide several good recommendations.  New, I'd look at Denon and Yamaha.  Lightly used, you have a greater scope.

@shaunac I was (am) making a point with my previous post.

My recommendation is to save, and save for quite some time so you can make solid choices and long term ones.

A dealer recently shared a wonderful story of how he got into much higher end equipment. He saved for a full year and then bought a single component. If you can be patient, this is what I suggest. Spend that time learning and researching.

At your current budget, I recommend a table top solution like a well reviewed soundbar or lifestyle (all in one) speaker.

There are times when adjusting our expectations is far easier and far wiser.

BTW and FYI, there were opera connections in my first response. : )




All the best in your quest and choices.
David, nice on the opera references. ;)