Speakers - rear wall placement

Need speakers that are designed to work within 6 inches of back wall. Looking in price range $3500 new, or will buy used. Have CJ CAV 50 tube integrated though may change if necessary.
NHT's floor-standing speakers are designed to be placed close to the front wall. The 3.3's retail for $4,300 but can be found used in your price range. The 2.9's are in your price range. Good luck.
Also try speakers from Linn. The Kabers and the AV 5140's are nice. For less money, the Keilidh's were also pretty impressive. IWhat these speakers do best is rhythm and pace. Mind you, I never actually bought any of these, but for a few years I owned mostly Linn equipment (long story) and hung out at Linn delaerships a lot!