Speakers/ Pre Amp set up with Spectral DMA-50

About to get a Spectral DMA-50 amp in perfect shape. Wondering what pre-amp and speaker set up would be optimal.
Congrats on the 50! I think it's a great amp.

Spectral Pre's are nice. I've heard good things about the mccormack tlc 1 or microline drive with spectral f you're on more of a budget. What speakers do you have? I use the 50 with thiel 1.6, think they're fairly efficient, no problem.

My thought here is that if you use revealing speakers, the amp will pass everything through them, so you need a decent upstreatm (cd and pre)
Getting new speakers as well - so was looking for suggestions on that also! Just offed the old ones - wanted to start fresh!
Budget is mid - range for the speakers - maybe 700 - to 1,000.
Just got a Micro Seiki DDX 1000 I might sell to help out with the speakers.

Thanks for your input on the pre-amp.
I'd look at the revel m20, or maybe some of the used proac's. I just saw the m20s for $700, those were very nice speakers. When I got my thiel's it was down to the thiels, the m20s, the nautilus 805s or the proacs (1.5 or 2, i believe). Was not an easy decision, since these were all great speakers. the coherence of thiel won out then, but I'm getting excited now thinking about those revels with the dma 50. This could be an amazingly cheap (like deal of the century) high end amp speaker combo. Preamps to consider include mccormack micro line drive, or tlc, or if you want to splurge - spectral dmc 12. I had a mccormack dna 0.5 amp, a golden tube amp, and the dma 50. The dma 50 was the smoothest of them all, no contest. So although it's transparent, it should not be adding any harshness to the signal upstream.
After reading some of the other Spectral threads I get the general idea that the DMA-50 definitely should be paired with another Spectral. The only thing I'll be running through it will be my turntable. Wondering now if that would lead anyone to recommend a different model. Saw that someone has a DMC-6 for a reasonable price on here. Any thoughts?