As I need cables for my news speakers, Avalon Diamond, and knowing that the sound from this speakers is a little toward the lean side, I demoed these two cables but with diferents speakers(more organics) and electronics, if you have experience with them your opinion is welcomed.
Also if you have experience with the Stealth hybrid MLT, please let me to know it.

My electronics are Viola

i can't comment on the stealth cables but i do own and love the pranawire 'cosmos' speaker cables and they are truely the most musically satisfying cables i have ever heard in my system and that includes the likes of valhallas...xlo limiteds...hms...purists and others..the pranawires portray the musical experience as close to what the original event must have sounded like as probably is possible...no fatigue..just total enjoyment every time with every type of music at all frequencies.
if your speakers are on the lean side ,the prana wire cosmos will be a great match ,imho, as they offer full body richness ,musical nuances galore and great resolution ,top to bottom.

as the esteemed ,calloway , mentioned ,i have also auditioned several of the good cables out there, but the pranawire cosmos, were simply in a different league.