Speakers on carpet or bare floor?

I moved my floor standing bass reflex 3 ways from a bare floor to a carpeted room and noticed much softer vocals but also a softer (wooly?) bass. I have been supporting the speakers with furniture cups. Will stands firm up the bass without losing the softer edge on the vocals? You can see my system on the bare floor
under budget systems, "my NADS". Thanks
I really like the looks of these stands; I have similar ones on my GamuT L5s.

I should have said that I think good stands with spikes will greatly improve your bass. There are cups you can put under the spikes to protect the floor, probably not necessary with rugs. Here is a more exact referral.

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What about acrylic blocks or stands, cf. Tap Plastics ?
You might find that nuts or balls sound best...sorry, I have that juvenile thing too. What about spikes, or I had great success with symposium svelts, although they will run around $350 used. I also have some of those square cork things with the rubber on the outside laying around here somewhere. I don't remember what they're called but PM me if you want them cheap.
Bjesein, My speaks are "old school" with woofers near the bottom, spikes won't raise them enough. I'd like them to be at least 3 inches off the floor.
Have you played with tilting them upwards or placing them in a different position? The carpet probably has less to do with it than the room dimensions. It seems like you are dealing with different overall acoustics more than speaker height.

Grow some nuts and move them around. :)
I prefer clean bass so spikes is my two cents.try parts express
Bjesein -- You are on to something. I thought the carpet might be softening the bass, but also, it is a larger and higher ceiling room. The system is now situated at one end of a ~24x14 sunroom with a mansard roof ceiling and glass on most of three sides. The speakers are tilted upwards with two furniture cups under the front of each.
I tried the placement formula on the Cardas web site and it worked well; not a location I would have thought of myself. Mine are also heavy and moving them isn't fun.Glass is the devil to deal with. In my active dealer days I sold a pair of B&W 801s and the buyer became convinced one was defective. I finally went to his house and the "defective" one was sitting next to a glass wall. I simply reversed the speakers and the "good" one was now "defective". Why he hadn't thought of doing this was a mystery to me. Glass is highly reflective and a really "live" room does strange things to the sound.
What Stanwal said is helpful. I don't know much about glass walls but it sounds like other frequencies may be more prominent to you now. Try to recreated the room boundaries you havd before, like similar placement from back and side walls etc. Adjust listening position too.

Move them around 6 inches at a time until you find something better, than make smaller movements. Plenty on speaker placement to be found on this site.

Sweet 24x14 sunroom!
I'm limited on the amount of movement. Not my house. Good thoughts, though.
The Cardas method is a good place to start , but you will still have to fine tune the position from there to get it just nice .
Have had a Duh! moment. I placed a thick book, simulating solid wood, under each speaker with the furniture cups in between. Ghetto technology ? Well, it's working. Bass is better disciplined and highs and mid highs are more defined. which brings me to asking, does anyone know a modest price and good looking stand for floor standers?