Speakers needed for VAC amp/preamp

Just upgraded to the VAC PA100/100 (100w/ch tube amp) and a VAC Standard Preamp LE w/MM. My current speakers are Alon Model 1's. Front end is Well Tempered Classic turntable with Grado cartridge and a Creek CD43 CDP. Cables are Wireworld Equinox. Interested in getting speaker recommendations in the $2K to $5K region (new or used). Like to listen to rock, blues and jazz. I like it to be able to play loudly in my 21x23 foot room with 8.5' ceilings (w/o crapping out).

Current considerations are Thiel 2.3, 2.4 or 3.6. Coincident Technology Eclipse series, ProAc, Spendor SP100 or maybe even Meadowlarks.

My current setup can sound quite good, but the speakers aren't made to play really loudly in a room as large as mine. I want a larger speaker that can fill the room, but also that excels in transparancy and has that "you are there" quality. Beyond accuracy, I'd also like it to be non-fatiguing and to be able to listen at long intervals and not get a headache. Any recommendations would be appreciated, the nearest high end shop is 5 hours drive away.
Tmoran- I'd definitely recommend the Total Eclipse given your musical preferences and amplifier. It is an excellent speaker, and very tube friendly. Enjoy.
I share some of your musical tastes listening to mostly 60's jazz and 70's-80's rock and I have a PA100/100 with a VAC Renaissance preamp powering Nautilus 802's. I always hear on this forum how power hungry the 802's are but I find the VAC with 100 watts kicks butt on the 300 watt solid state amp I had before and will also trounce my Classe DR8's used as monoblocks everywhere including the bass. The PA100 will sound it's best and most neutral with RTC driver tubes and Svetlana KT88's. I run the Nautilus's single wired with the supplied jumpers and Audio Magic Excaliber cables and IC's which in my experience produces a harmonically rich and detailed soundstage and tames the 802's tendency towards brightness in the lower treble range. My room is approximately 15x16 with a ceiling that vaults from 8ft to 11.5 ft and is open at the top to a kitchen/dining room that adds another 10x20 area so I have a fair volume to fill. I usually listen in the 80-90db range but the PA100 will easily push peaks in the 105db range if so desired. The Nautilus 802's may be slightly out of your price target, but I find this combo is outstanding with excellent bass extension and easy on the ears. I use my system at least 3 hours every day and can't wait to get home from work to fire it up. Given your room size and music taste, I think the 802's would thrill you. I have tried quite a few tube combo's with the PA 100 and can give you some insight if you wish to email me privately.
try either Sonus Faber Amati or Merlin VSM Millenium. Both are very good match to VAC tube amp performance.