Speakers monitors for SE amplifiers

Dear friends,
I need your help because I want to buy speakers monitors for
SE amplifiers (Pass aleph 30 and Cary CAD572).
Up to the moment I use them with a very big Tannoy loudspeakers (94db sens.) in a large room, but unfortunally I had to move and now a have a little room for my system (9x10feets)
I need speakers monitors that work well with SE amplifier (30w x channel).
The rest of my system:
Krell KPS20i Delta 9 CD Player
Sonic FRontiers Line 2SE Preamplifier
Audioquest Cheetah and Volcano interconnect and speaker cables.
I will apreciate your suggest and recomendation.
Hello Pablo!
Your room is awful small, so you won't need something that is extremely efficient with either of those amps. The Aleph 30 can drive most loads quite well, and the Cary will be the one that would prefer a simpler, 8 ohm load.
A monitor like the 3A MM De Capo-i might be ideal for such a set-up if you dont need much bass below 45hz and like things very dynamic, lively, and detailed- but can be a bit forward for some tastes in the mids. If you want a monitor that will not leave you craving for more bass in that room, try a pair of revel M20's on the Aleph 30... Very well balanced sound, great energy for low to moderate listening levels, and affordable too. It would be a more laid-back sound than the De Capo's, with PLENTY of deep bass energy at sane levels in that room with the Pass amp.
Be sure to use plenty of sound treatment on the walls and tube traps as well for the corners- Good luck!
I beg to differ somewhat. While I know where Big is coming from (small room doesn't need high spl) I would caution against any spkr that's not capable of giving you ~100 db peak with yr amps. It's a matter of feeling some musical energy against listening to what WILL seem lifeless after your Tannoys. WIth that in mind I'd recommend spkrs that have a nominal sensitivity of 89-90db spl at least (and are a relatively easy load). Also, spkrs that are physically small.

There are very many such spkrs, so recommending a specific model would only be reductionist. More info from you would help!
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