Speakers matching ArcamCD23 and Roksan Caspian Amp?

I am looking for floorstanding speakers to match my arcam cd23 cd player and roksan caspian integrated and power amps. I currently have Mission 783s and am not satisfied. Budget is $2000-below. I would appreciate any feedback from owners (previous and current) of arcam cd 23 and roksan caspian amps. Thank you very much for your help.
I currently use triangle zerius and quad 12L pro's with my Roksan Caspian MKII with much success. I find that speakers that tend to sound bright and/or lively like my triangle zerius or my old B&W P5's work best. When I brought my amp in to a local dealer and heard speakers like by epos it tended to sound dull and uninvolving. So try and stay away from dark to neutral sounding speakers in my opinion.
JM Lab
Quad L series (in brit mags the roksan quad combo tended to review quite high)
Are ones that I would try first.....
Thanks for the suggestions ! I'll try to look into the Triangle line.
follow up post !

i finally paired my arcam cd23 and roksan caspian integrated and power amp system with triangle antal 202s and i like what i hear!

thanks thomas for the recommendation.