Speakers like Linn close to the wall ??

I would like to know if there are any other speakers which are designed to perform best when close to the back wall like the Linn speakers (designed for 4 to 12 inches from back wall). Unfortunately this is an issue for me due to the room. Thanks for the advice.
There is one good one I know of/there may be many others I don't know of/ the one:NHT 3.3 seen from time to time here for 1700...Everybody; up against the wall!!
The Egglestonworks speakers are. I have a pair of Andras, and both the manufacturer and reviewers state that the speaker was designed to throw a very wide sound front and superb bass out of a relatively small size enclosure, while hugging the rear wall. Mine are slightly toed in, with the rear sides respectively 11" and 13" from the rear walls, and about 2.5' from a corner, with no slap-back. My old B & Ws required tube traps behind them in these locations. These don't. I use a smaller pair of Egglestons, the Isabels, as rear speakers, and they are similar in operation. The Andras are $14,900 and the Isabels $3,400 with stands, but there are several models between them in price.
I just bought a pair of Linn AV 5140s that I've positioned slightly toed in and about 12-14" from the wall... they sound better here than they did with a better amp & pre-amp at the showroom, where they were placed about 3-4 feet from the back wall. The space savings here in cramped NYC are really key. If you buy Linns, not that the Ninkas have front-firing woofers, while the 5140s are rear-firing. Good luck.
The best I've heard and currently use in a secondary system are the Gradient Revolutions. They can be placed near a wall, in corners or out in the room. The bass is very neutral in each location. Overall, the speaker is neutral and well integrated top to bottom. You may wish to investigate their website for technical details. Unfortunately, they rarely show-p on the used market. When they do they go fast. Check out the website at: http://gradient.fi/En/index.htm
Matt I'll likely be hung in the public square for this, but here goes: Klipsch - both the LaScala & Belle are designed to work "against the wall". I have my Belles toed in (also out of necessity) 3" to 12" from the walls. As Mgolllieb suggests, I could use a bass trap in one corner, but I still get a great stage from them.