Speakers in the 1000 dollar range....

I am a newbie to the world of high end audio equipment however, I do listen to a lot of music and I do know what sounds good.

Any recommendations for speakers ? I guess I'm looking for something in the &1000 range that would be a good match for the Unision Unico which I purchased recently? I listen mostly to classical music and good realistic sound stage, transparency and accurate uncolored sound is important. I'd like nice tight bass...not overly heavy, mushy. And of course a solid mid-range and clear, effortless , non-strident highs are important too.

In my opinion voice, piano and violins are the hardest to reproduce realistically.

I am looking for speakers that go on stands since I live in an apartment building. Probably 12" wide by say +/- 18" in height for size.

Is this too much to ask in a speaker?


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You should probably audition some Dali speakers. I have the Ikon 6's, which I bought as demos for about $1200; the Ikon 5's might be had in your price range. I listen to mostly classical (all genres) and when I was auditioning speakers, there was nothing remotely as good as the Dali's in terms of neutrality, transparancy, and soundstage (provided, of course, that your electronics are good enough - I don't know your amp at all). Dali makes a wide variety of speakers at various price points, but judging from what I've read, they tend to have a similar sonic character.