Speakers in the 1000 dollar range....

I am a newbie to the world of high end audio equipment however, I do listen to a lot of music and I do know what sounds good.

Any recommendations for speakers ? I guess I'm looking for something in the &1000 range that would be a good match for the Unision Unico which I purchased recently? I listen mostly to classical music and good realistic sound stage, transparency and accurate uncolored sound is important. I'd like nice tight bass...not overly heavy, mushy. And of course a solid mid-range and clear, effortless , non-strident highs are important too.

In my opinion voice, piano and violins are the hardest to reproduce realistically.

I am looking for speakers that go on stands since I live in an apartment building. Probably 12" wide by say +/- 18" in height for size.

Is this too much to ask in a speaker?


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I doubt you are going to find stand mount speakers in that price range that will give you everything the new DCM Time Window will for less then $1000 brand new, as I and others have posted here and there these speakers were one of the best surprises at the Audio show's and can really make one curious as why some speakers cost as much as they do. These speakers will likely take up less actual space then a stand mount monitor will and you wont need to purchase or integrate a subwoofer for good bass.
Sorrythey are DCM TFE200...........really great performers!