Speakers in rear with TV in front. Will it work?

I have Klipschorn speakers forming an equilateral triangle with the sweet spot. Horn loaded subwoofers are on top of each K-horn. False walls are required for each Khorn/subwoofer pair. The false walls come out to the front of K-horns and subwoofers as required to get the maximum effect of the bass from each speakers. With the room having dimensions of 7.5 x 12 x 19 feet, it conforms with the "Golden Rule" to avoid standing bass waves. The problem is that there is no room for a 55 inch TV in the center of the room with the speakers including the false walls. Would it sound natural having the speakers in the rear provide sound for the TV in the front of the room? With the speaker channels reversed, the left speaker will provide sound for the right side of the TV as it should. The same change goes for the right speaker.
No, it wouldn't sound right. Why don't you just get the wall-mounting bracket kit for the TV and mount it slightly above the speakers? I would think that would work much better.
I use a separate setup for the Plasma on the short wall. i want to be closer to the screen anyway.
So the Magnepan speakers are on the far wall area, the plasma to the left of listening chair, and a loveseat to the right across from the Plasma TV
Works for me. i use some other small speakers for the few times i want 5.1 from the Plasma for certain movies. ususally i just listen to the cheap screen speakers.
You would have to listen to your setup to see if it bothers YOU. with the screens, it may not!
Plato, The K-horns and Subwoofer are stacked six feet high with a seven and a half foot ceiling.

Elizabeth, I do have an extra pair of Cornwall Speakers, with the same drivers as the K-horns, but without the K-horn bass. I could use the Cornwalls with the TV at the opposite end of the room. Since the subwoofers in the rear are omnidirectional, they could supplement the bass of the Cornwall speakers next to the TV. An extra Mark Levinson Amp in storage could drive the Cornwalls. I will have to get a platform that pivots 180 degrees in order to switch from stereo listening mode to TV watching mode. Perhaps it would be more practical to get another chair and put the two chairs back to back. The room is 19 feet long NOT including the space taken up by the K-horns and Subwoofers. This would put the sweetspots for the TV and the stereo at about nine feet. Perfect! Thanks for you idea Elizabeth.
Could you get a projector along with a pull down perforated scre en that allows audio to pass through? You could do a pretty awesome setup for $2000 and your large sound would match the large image. As long as you can control lighting your all set. Those of us with projectors in our systems can verify its awesome for concerts or any material and surprisingly cheap. If you need any ideas let me know.