Speakers in Anime ... Can you tell the brand / Model? :)

Hi Everyone,

I posted this in DIY Audio, because this forum does not allow image uploads, but while watching Anime today I came across fairly hyper-realistic renditions of loudspeakers. I thought I'd share with you to see if you could guess the brand. :) Also am amused, and quite taken by this anime focusing on realistic drawings of only speakers and guns. 

TBF, in other anime's, often the most realistically drawn items are things like fans, and rice cookers. 



there is 2 minutes we wont get back......   :)
I have to admit, the purple instead of black finish is growing on me. :)

You do realize that we have to sign up for that site just to see the photos right? 

You’re killin me — upload them to imgur or something.  :)
@contuzzi - 

I'm sorry! I did not know that actually!