Speakers in a wall unit

I'm building a home theater in a 14x22x8 ft room. The only catch is that I need to consider WAF so I have agreed to place the front and center speakers inside the wall unit I'm having built. The good news is that the unit will be custom made so the speaker area can be any size and shape I need. The bad news is obviously that I don't have much flexibility regarding speaker placement. I can probably toe them in a bit and build the cabinets to get them as far away form the corners as I can but I will be somewhat limited. Any suggestions for speakers that would perform well given this limitation would be appreciated. Budget is $3-4000 for entire 5.1 set up.

Try Satellites as in a 5.1 system
Thanks. Any other suggestions
Go to www.Cabasse.com They have a system that has a high WAF They look like art but sound great. take a look at the Ki system you can do the center channel for the front three and then throw in some in walls for rear. You need to add a sub alsothe floor standing and the centers have the same internal air space so if you mix and match they will sound the same.
I am in the exact same boat that you are in. I had to sell my Montior Audio silver 5i's and 10i center. I checked around the web at various OEM sites and found the RBH
C-770 SE models ($575.00 each). I got on the phone with one of their tech guys and found out that they are designed to go in bulit in cabinets. As explained to me they employed a different crossover set up to compensate for the accoustic factors that come into play when putting a speaker in an enclosed cabinet.

I found a dealer here in Oklahoma that had these set up in a big wall unit, and was very pleased with the sound. I went with three for the LCR and will be using triad silver di poles for the rears mounted in the ceiling.

I found a resource that does HT design over at the AVS forum. The guy's name is Dennis Erskine, and he seems to be well regarded in the HT desgin circle. On the pone he told me that my Monitors would sound "off" if placed in a cabinet and suggested Triad's or a speaker that was designed for use in a cabinet. The triads are pretty pricey, and that is what lead me to the RBH's.

If you wanted to use the RBH's all the way around, they make a flush in wall cousin of the C-770SE, the C-760SE, that would make a pretty nice rig for around 2400.00.

You may want to consider some sort of accoustic treatment around the speakers once they are in the cabinet. If you want, email me and I'll send you some info on what a couple of accoustic desgin shops are suggesting. It's pretty inexspensive, and they swear that this will help to maximize results for the cabinet based RBH's.

Good luck,