Speakers for yoga studio

I'm opening a hot yoga studio and looking for simple speaker suggestions. Real simple would be a couple of JBL Xtreme 2's, or SVS makes a wireless bookshelf speaker (simple for teachers to connect to with Spotify or Roon) Alternative could be something a little larger or vintage mounted up in the corners. There will be a sub mixed in with the yoga blocks near one corner of the room. Kind of thinking good tone over dynamic slam- it's yoga, but there will be some high intensity interval training classes with a boogie factor.  

Appreciate your thoughts. Budget for mains around $500-800.


Hot yoga is between 80-100 degrees and it will be even hotter higher up in the room.

Something cheap/easy to replace or all weather speakers.



For around 300 you could get the JBL 306P. They're active and sound much better than their price suggests.

No, they won't sound anything like the Orangutans😊