Speakers for YBA passion 100 Amp

I recently purchased a YBA passion 100 integrated amplifier (5o wpc)to replace a dying old linn majic integrated. I now want to upgrade my speaker (5 to 6K used market), actually a pair of Meadowlark swift, for something with much more presence and definition that will fill a 24'x24' room with cathedral ceiling.

The rest of the system:
Arcam cd73t
Slim device +Benchmark DAC1
MacIntosch XLS112 sub
MIT interconnects

I mostly listen to small jazz ensembles, world music and classic.

I will upgrade the cdp after purchasing the speakers (I know, I know... the source is the most important piece of equipment but I have the feeling that the Swifts are now the most limiting part of my system).

Since the relatively low output of the amp, will I be able to fill that big of a room.
And I am very curious of your sugestions.

I think a DeVore Fidelity Speaker would go very nicely with that amp.

Enjoy the search!

YBA amps seem to be very good match for Martin Logans, Verity Audio, and the higher end 3A speakers, among others.
Eventus Audio Metis.

you will get sweet intoxicating sound;and gosh what a beuty
I would also suggest the DeVore Fidelity Speakers. They match perfectly well with your YBA amplifier. Flat frequency response with a high sensitivity. Excellent bass response and one of the best speaker for jazz music. There will be no problem with the room.
If you like the "French" sound (sweet and detailed, but not hard or overly analytical) I might suggest that you pair your YBA amp with a pair of speakers that will mirror that sound quality.

JM Labs/Focal, Triangle and JM Reynaud all make excellent speakers. It would be had to beat any of the Focal Utopia series, but all of these sound great. If I could make a gross generalization and characterize the three manufacturers, to my ears Focal is the most detailed and JMR is the sweetest and provides the best soundstage. Traingle is somewhere in between.

I recently bought a used pair of JM Reynaud Offrande speakers specifically to use for vocal/classical/chamber/opera music in my new (small) listening room. They are large (well, deep) stand mounted speakers that present a very wide, deep rear image like no other speakers I have ever heard.