Speakers for Yamaha AS2100

Hello all, 

was recently able to purchase a Yamaha as2100 for a really good price and was wondering what speakers would pair well with it. Budget for speakers will be $2k but am flexible. Was wondering if I could get some feedback from any AS2100 owners. Looking for bookshelf speakers preferably. Listen to a bit of everything but mainly jazz and 80s music. Will not be playing at ear splitting volumes as I live in an apartment. And feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Given what you’re looking for, used ProAc Response D2 or Tablette Signature or Anniversary would be great choices.  For less $ used Nola Boxer would also sound great with your amp.  If you’re looking new the Silverline Minuet Grand is quite a speaker.  I like Totems a lot too, but they can be a bit finicky about electronics so just not sure how they’d play with your Yammy.  I think Joseph Audio speakers do everything Totems do but are easier to drive and a little more forgiving, but good luck finding a pair in your price range.  Best of luck in your search. 
Thanks everyone for the input! I was doing some research and found a pair of Dali rubicon 2 speakers for about $1500 used on us audio mart. Anyone have experience with the brand? From what I’ve read they seem to have a sound signature that I would like. Biggest concern is just finding something that has good synergy with the Yamaha. With the unfortunate circumstances we are in with this virus, I can’t go somewhere to audition (obviously) so I’m limited to just reading and research. Thanks again for all the feedback!
I *hate* not being able to demo speakers - although in my case it’s also because all the brick and mortar stores are long gone. At least the ones with proper demo rooms. The nearest proper showroom is a 3 hour round trip and $50 parking (after validation!).

I’m familiar with the Dali Opticon and heard the Rubicon 6 briefly some time back. My demo of the Opticons was next to Dynaudio (at the far away showroom) and they were comparable, very similar voicing. They’re punchy, fast and dynamic, if a bit more dialed back than Dynaudio IMHO.

The only potential issue I’m seeing here IIRC is they’re not the most efficient speakers. But according to your original post, you’ll only be listening at low-moderate levels. For jazz, voice, acoustic I think you’ll be delighted. Dali are world class. You might take a look on youtube and see if there’s any comparisons or reviews. Sometimes commenters own the product and can shed some additional light.
I own and purchased a pair of Canton Reference 3.2 C Speakers from Accessories 4 Less in January. I was rebuilding my system after being out of this hobby for several years.

I had never heard of the Canton speakers before and I was coming from what I thought was one of the best speakers I ever owned, the Salk HT3. I took a chance of the Cantons, got an amazing price with free shipping and no taxes.

To say I am please is an understatement. IMHO, these are the best sounding speakers I have ever heard with all of the audiophile desirable attributes in spades. 

I believe that the Canton line of speakers are one of the best kept speakers out there for both price and value. Good luck.
As a former owner of this amp used it with elacs b5 at 1st then switched to klipsch P37f, great results with both. At very high levels 70 percent or so clipped with the klipsch and shutdown on EDM heavy bass music, so for moderate listening you will be fine
I regretted selling it after but I went into tubes and it will be hard for me going SS again