speakers for wall bookcase

boy i hate to ask this question, but it may be one of the most important questions i have ever ask in fifty years of audio, i have downsize to an apt. studio and have only a wall of shelves for my equipment. i need new elctronics, cd,int.amp. speakers..some suggestions thanks dwhitt
NHT makes a speaker with an adjustment for on shelf placement. It may not be the greatest speaker in the world, but it is competent and at least it was designed specifically for your situation. Any NHT dealer can help identify the specific model.
I live in an apartment and two of my systems (2 channel HT and Bedroom) have "speakers on shelf" placement. You will need to purchase either acoustic suspension/ sealed box speakers or front ported speakers. With that said, I have done very well with NHT SB2 (discontinued and replaced by the Classic 2). If you can find a pair of NHT SB2's or SB3's they are well worth it and way more than competent. The new NHT Classic 2's and 3's are a bit pricier and slightly better performers.

If you were to go the NHT route, I would suggest pairing them with a NAD C320BEE integrated amplifier ($400 list) and a Music Hall MMF A25 CD player ($540). Excellent synergy and stunning sound for the price (all in about $1500 list). I had this combination for a few years (before upgrading) and was very pleased.

If you want to go tubes, another combination (currently owned and in play) is the Prima Luna Prologue 2 and Omega Super 3 loudspeakers. Paired with the same Music Hall CD player, the system has great synergy and sound for about $2500.

If you are tempted to go with a receiver, Outlaw Audio has just released a gem of a two channel receiver (the RR2150). I now have the Outlaw paired with the NHT's and I like it. I have not had the Outlaw long enough to say that it is better than the NAD C320BEE ... but it is at least pretty good for the cash.

Regards, Rich
Actually putting bookshelf speakers on a bookshelf.
Interesting concept.
Hi -

Had a similar requirement with a real focus on minimum size for a boat - ended up with NSM speakers - check for the sales and specials:


Really tremendous for the size and the upaginst the wall in the corner placement only helps the bass.

As noted, front ported or acoustic suspension is the must. Also on my shortlist were the Spendor S3/5 (the classsic), NHT 2 and 3, and also the Epo 3 and 5. Certainly the Spendor and the NSM are less then super efficient so they need a bit of grunt to get them going.

If space is at a premium and tubes is the deal, go with one of the Chinese integrateds - Sophia, Cayin etc. Just be mindful of the heat.

And of course if you really want to downsize, its time to rip all your CDs to a hard drive, and get a SLIM Devices Squeezebox - pop for a mod from Bolder or RedWine Audio - and skip the whole CD/DAC/SPDIF chain entirely plus make more room in your bookshelves by storing the CDs because you will never need them again except as back-ups.


Also lots on the whole hard drive PC thing here:

My solution was this: Von Schweikert VR-1 + Creek 5350 SE + Njoe Tjoeb 4000 with upsampler. All about 12 inches deep, the speakers sound great, are not rear-ported, and overall a great match. Good luck.
The VR1s are great - I have them and love them. But mine at least do have a hole in the back - which I have always assumed is a port. Though it does not show up in their literature. Worth reviewing the placement directions here:


They are certainly readily available - easy to buy and sell - and quite efficient which is a plus with tubes
I listened to a bunch of "bookshelf" speakers before purchasing the Nola Minis (the lastest version of what used to be Alon Lil Rascasls). My main listening system includes large floorstanders and considerable time/investment in electronics so I'm hard to please even when it comes to an office/family room system.

The Minis are musical, affordable, smallish, front ported and can be placed on a shelf . They will play quite happily fed by modest electronics, although they will sing with high quality gear.

The Minis are true high end (albeit budget) speakers and thus have the refinement, spaciouness, detail and timbral accuracy that this line is known for.

Where they differ from the competition is in their bass heft (it feels like they go much deeper than they actually do, certainly much deeper than similarly priced competitors), their refined top end (sweeter and more extended than my old Lil Rascals) and dynamics - they will play effortlessly at loud volumes without congestion or strain. They were much better to my ears than contenders from NHT, Epos, Energy, B&W et al. If you are an audiophile music lover, you won't feel like you are "missing" something with the Minis. If you are into bass heavy music, you could eventually acquire a Nola Thunderbolt sub, although you don't really need it for most types of music. (I have Minis and a TB in the HT system.)

I'm not much of a NAD fan - too veiled and stodgy to my ears, although I know other people love NAD amps - I am a fan of Creek and their excellent integrateds. There are actually a buch of good intergrateds on the market. If you don't want to go to a server solution, there are VG afforable CD player options from Music Hall and Jolida. I also wouldn't hesitate to buy used here at the 'Gon. Meridian players have a small footprint.
Forgot...sorry...website with Minis reviews!

you guy are great plenty to ponder thanks goner's