Speakers for Unison Unico 80W

I had Totem Arros and liked the sound (especially their imaging capabilities), but I had two qualms with them: 1) they are extremely sensitive, and break up easily at louder volumes. 2) I need a little more oomph, as I do listen to rock and orchetral music. My friend's Epos M5 monitors (with modest Creek integreated) moved more air than the Arros!!

So I am thinking of going for a bookshelf/monitor with good bass extension and pressurization capabilities (as good as bookshelves get at least), and adding a subwoofer at some point if needed.

My room is ~13' X 23', speakers against long wall, not too far off back wall.

Any suggestions for the Unico for ~$1-1.2k used?

I have thought about other smaller floorstanders, but really haven't seen anything in this range of interest. Larger speaker really are too much for my room sonically (I have an old pair of Signet 280ex.)

I am thinking Triangle, Silverline, Sonus Faber Concertos, Dynaudio (a couple models in that price range),Audio Physic Yara bookshelf.
Hi Sandman - If I were you, based on your room and placement requirements, I would look for a pair of Reference 3A mm deCapo speakers and get yourself years of listening pleasure. They are great with the Unico amplifier. Enjoy!
Thanks for the rec. Seems like the Reference 3A Dulcet is more in my price range ... Equally recommended given my pricepoint?
I have the Unico and paired it with Triangle Antal with very good results, but given your room size you might consider the smallest floorstander (Heliade?)or the Comete. The synergy is there for me, the Unico has a wonderful grip on the bass , the infamous Triangle tendency to sound bright is tamed (was a problem with another amp), and the midrange is amazing (female voices in particular). Not sure it would beat Reference 3A DeCapio, but it is a very good match (synergy) in my system.
I also recommend the MM De Cappo's. They come up used on Audiogon in your price range.
Sandman- sorry - I have no experience with the Dulcets, so I can't say they are going to fit your application as well. Look for a pair of the de capo's used and take the guesswork out of the equation
When I owned a Unico 80w stock I had it paired with Spendor S3/5se and Harbeth M30's and different times. Both sounded particularly musical in a similarly sized room as yours. The source was a Cary DVD-6, Cardas neutral reference cables.

The Spendors are slightly compressed in the dynamic range, but a joy to listen to. The Unico drove them easily despite their low sensitivity. The Unico is great value for the money. You may also consider the Spendor S5e or an older generation Harbeth 7ES-2. The latter is slightly above your price range, but well worth it.

good luck!
if you can find a pair of Epos M12.2 WITH THEIR PROPER STANDS or even M15.2 (not M15), you'd get most of what you're searching for.

I felt that the Unico was a great match for the M12.2, in specific. I believe the match was quite good because the Unico has a slightly rounded bottom end, gorgeous midrange and a 'soft' top end (not to be confused w/ 'rolled off')... It retains the highs, but not at the cost of listening fatigue.

The Epos 12.2 has fast, tight, punchy bass (although somewhat limited), excellent midrange detail and quite a crisp high end...

Given the characteristics of both the amp and the speakers, they balance each other's strong and weak points very, very nicely.