Speakers for under $10k used?

I been wanting a new set of speakers and want to stay under $10k used. If you have any recommandation, please reply to this tread. Also please state why you like the speaker you are recommending. I personally have looking into the Revel Salon, but I heard that the parent company Harmon isn't doing too well. Are the rumors true? Thank you for your time.

My vote goes to Coincident Speaker Technology's Total Victory. I own a pair, and the reason I love them is they are full-range, lively and detailed, musically and sonically coherent, are build like brick outhouses and can be driven by pretty much anything. They sell for $11,500 USD new, so they'd be well within your budget if you can find them used.

What would you like the speaker to do? What kind of music do you predominantly listen to? What kind of equipment do you currently have. You have to get into specifics, or you will get total nonsense back.

What room?
Please include height as well.

For large room and proper amplification >=200Wpc I'd recommend Dynaaudio C4.

Synergy with the amp is the first step to better sound, unless you are planning to buy the speakers and built your system around them. You need to be more specific, there is no best of anything out there, good sound comes from system synergy, that is why some have spent less on their system but acheive much better sound than say all A rated components.

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more specifics. electronics? room? music tastes? the whole nine...an audiophool needs to know.....
It's hard to answer this without more info, but I have listened to the Revel Salons and was stunned by the beautiful liquid midrange. I have never heard anything better although I haven't heard everything out there.

The Salons are a real good option.
Well I listen to all kind of music, but I tend to listen to rock, classical, jazz and some techno. ie Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Paul Oakenfold, Yo Yo Ma, Beethoven, and etc. Currently I got a pair of Mirage OM-5 and ATI 2500 amp(250x5). My room right now is small/mid (12x16), but I am moving in a few months and I don't know what my new place is going to be like. I only got the Mirage a few months ago, but now I want something better. The Mirage are great HT speaker, but only ok good for music. I listen to music more so I want something really good that will last me at least 5 yrs before I upgrade again. I plan to keep the OM-5 for my rear surround. As for the amp, I plan to keep it to run my surrounds and buy a pair of Krell momoblocks for the front speakers. I recently graduated from college, so this will be my first major purchase. I should get a new car, but i rather spend my money on speakers. Given my current situation I have to buy stuff one piece at a time, so I want to make the best purchase possible. Since I think the speakers are the most important part of the system, I want to build everything around it.

Get a pair of used Unos or Duos. Must have current CTRL 225 subs. You won't need Krells to run them. 5 watts of tube power will make your house and your neighbours' rock. They go really loud (102 db/Watt) are virtually indestructible and sound fantastic. That's why the smaller Unos get a Stereophile Class A rating. Make sure you set them up well - need help from friend to change bass roll off and volume on sub woofers.
You might also want to consider bringing down your budget on your speakers so that you could get components that are most suitable. The problem at that level is that more you spend, the more you will need to spend. In order to have no weak links in a system with 10k speakers, you would have to spend an additional 30k+ on the other components. Although speakers are important, all the components are critical. For example, my speakers are $$$$, but are actually the least expensive part of my system because I think the CD player is really critical. If you blow everything on the speakers, you may not have enough money to make them sound good for years to come. There are also other expenses that go a long way to making a system sound good, such as cables, power cords, stands, power conditioner, etc. An audiophiles work is never done.

I would go to some stores and listen to everything under 6-8k new to start with a list. You might even find a great speaker at 4-6k new. The question might not be, 'what do you have under 10k', but 'what speakers will excel at the aspects I appreciate most in music.' Then you can come back to audiogon to ask for opinions within that list.
Shahinian Diapasons- because they sound closer to real live music than any of the hundreds of speakers I have auditioned
Put the Vandersteen 5 on your list. They do everything well. You get flat frequency response down to 20 hz. Image great, and have placement flexibility due to a powered subwoofer with an 11 band equalizer. Good luck in getting it used though...
Don't know what your new place is going to look like? Move first; then give us a call...
speakers today I would buy the AN/E SEC Silvers that are for sell used in the speaker section for 8500. These retail for 22,000 and are one of the best speakers period. Read the review at enjoy the music.com.
After a few beers the Paul Oakenfold CDs get some major wear around my place. You dont happen to be an F1 fan do you?
I'd recommend researching the right amp first. Like a speaker, an amp does not necessarily have the same sonic strengths across the frequency spectrum.

Once you've settled on an amp, it then becomes easier to find the right speakers to match your amp.

If you are bent on spending $10k on a used pair of quality-oriented speakers, then it should matter very little what type of music you enjoy, or even what size room you have, unless of course the room is abnormally small or large.

Speakers in this price range and up should excel with most any type of music.

Has anyone listened to the JM Lab utopia BE models, that are in this range, used? Micro, Diva, Alto?
I've heard the Altos (short audition) and the Micros for a very long audition. Was thinking, very strongly on the Micros, but decided on the Harmonic Precision Caravelles. The Micro Be, until I heard the Caravelles, were the best damn mini monitor I had ever heard. You can read my review on the Caravelles. Actually the Caravelle's bass went tete a tete with the Altos, as well, as did the sound. Hard to believe, I know.
You have to do yourself a favor and try to hear
the Green Mountain Continuum 3's at this price point.
Thanks for your info guys!!!
Jack n roberts, where are those AN/E SEC Silvers? Maybe I didn't look hard enough, but I couldn't find any listing by that name. Does AN/E stand for something?
Never mind, I found the Audio Notes you are recommending.