speakers for tube amp

Hi guys!
I just took the plunge into the HI-FI world and I just purchased my first tube amp; Jolida 202 from Bob Latino here in the gon.

I listened to a pair of Klipsch RB 61 ll here in Mexico with a little tube amp and I really liked the sound. Now I have an amp but I am not sure what speakers to get; I was thinking 61´s (efficient and liked the sound) but I want to ask the forum:

what other options do I have in that price range?

I listen to hard rock, heavy metal, jazz and classical. My room is small (11*13*10h) I rather not have a sub, but the fact is that I like bass, but not too much. I do not mind buying used speakers as long as they come from a reputable person.
The has been a real shortage of reputable people lately but you could try....
Maybe you can tell those of us not acquainted w those speakers what that price range is, what you especially liked about their sound and whether your room measurements are in ft or m?
Crutchfield sells the RB61s for $550/pair, so I'll go with that price.
I always recommend Tekton Design speakers for those looking for tube friendly speakers under $1000. I like the Lore @ $1,000 better than Klipschorns, so don't go by me. I know I'd like them a lot better than RB61s.
Tekton has other products as well, check out the Tektondesign website.
Go for a pair of Reference 3A De Capos. very very nice with tubes
Many choices
Coincident,Tekton,Zu, Sonist, Tonian Labs, Omega, etc.
Charles1dad - Good recommendations. Of those you listed I have heard Zu Tekton and Sonist. All would fit the bill nicely.
If the Sonist distribution was a little more accessible I just might have a pair in my room right now. I really liked them the two times I heard them.
Sebrof I`ve yet to hear Tonian Labs or Zu speakers. I hope to get the chance at RMAF next month. Curious just based on word of mouth and reviews.
Thanks for the input.

The 61´s are 399 usd (open box), measurements are in ft. I liked the clear sound of the set up I listened. I am no expert but music seemed to come in a constant and fluent wave, no ups and downs and the volume made no difference in clarity.

I really appreciate the speaker selection; I will look into it.
Triangle Speakers are worth a look. Very high value, great sound, and tube friendly in general.
Tekton seems to be on my price range, contact e-mail sent
What do you guys think of Axiom speakers?
I think Klipsch are perfect speakers for your Jolida and for the type of music you like to listen to.
Omega, Hornshoppe, and Tekton all make very good sounding high value speakers that work well with tubes. The customer service is also excellent with these small local companies.
I already contacted Tekton and I am waiting for a reply on a set of speakers. Axiom seems to be a no go; I read they sound better with ss amps