Speakers for triode tube amps

I have a Luxman CL 38u SE tube preamp and matching MQ 88 SE Triode tube amp rated at 25 wpc. I m using ProAc Anniversary Tablets at the moment and I’m wondering how I can upgrade to a speaker that can be driven with 25 Triode watts. Any recommendations on a high quality 8 ohm speaker that is easy to drive?  I know Wilson Tune Tots are out of the question (impedance/ sensitivity issues- they were my first choice.  Not interested in horn loaded speakers.  I Love the Harbeth P3 but I already own a pair of 40.1s in my main system. Any suggestions??
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A Quicksilver Integrated tube amplifier, rated 20 watts, does fine driving Focal Aria 906's, rated at 89.5 dB sensitivity. I listen at moderate volume, and the volume control stays around 10:30 o'clock.