Speakers for the deck- okay to discuss here?

It’s getting warm out and it’s time to spend more time outdoors. I’m looking for a pair of speakers for my deck to use with my iPhone or iPad. I tried a pair of Sonos SL Bluetooth speakers last year but I found it annoying to plug, unplug, and put them away at the end of the day. They sounded fine, but I’d like to be able to just grab them and carry them to the backyard if I decide to change where I’m sitting outside. My WiFi is great, so that’s not a complication.
I really like these a lot: https://www.audiopro.com/en/
Durable, sound good, not too expensive, easy to get now in US.

You might also consider these: https://rivaaudio.com/riva-turbo-x/
A couple JBL Charge speakers would do the trick. They put out tons of good sound, are rechargeable, waterproof, and you can easily link multiples together with a push of a button on the speaker. They have long battery life and you can connect to them via Bluetooth or a cable. I carry a single, smaller JBL Flip on my company truck as it fits in a cup holder and it does a good job on a jobsite. 
You’re unlikely to get a palpable soundstage with speakers out on the deck so I think a set of those composite JBLs will work fine. Also, you won’t need to make an appointment with a "By Appointment Only" audio salon, just drop into any Best Buy to pick them out. I recommend adding a SiriusXM radio subscription.

Yes, you can always start a discussion about speakers on this Forum, as long as it doesn’t include anything about politics!
I have a pair of JBL Flips and my dad has a pair of the JBL Charges. The flip is more compact and the pair does nice for background music on our smaller patio. The Charge is slightly larger and works better for my Dads larger outdoor area. The sound from the charge is more full with better bass response for sure. I don’t miss anything necessarily when I use my Flips but the charges are definitely a worthwhile upgrade. Both models sound shockingly good for the size and the cost in my opinion.
How about the JBL Extreme 3? It has a 3.5mm input, and I was wondering about getting and tethering a Dragonfly in between my iPhone and the Extreme 3? Worth it on the deck?
I would personally rather have two of the  Charges than a single Extreme for the same cost. And while I am a fan of external DACs on my main rig, with these speakers I wanted simple and portable. If you add a DAC to a single speaker you won't get its benefit on any other speakers you pair up wirelessly. That alone makes it a non starter for me. 

I pair a couple speakers together and place them on opposite sides of my patio (off the ground is helpful) and Bluetooth in with Tidal or Qobuz from my smartphone and it works great for barbecues and get together. If we want to listen critically we hit the main system inside. 

Also, YouTube has a ton of comparison videos on the Flip vs Charge vs Extreme if you need a better idea on size of these units and other features. 
Whoops! I bought an Extreme 3 from Amazon last night for $319.99. I was going to go with a pair of the Charges, but …
Free return fo 30 days, so if It doesn’t do what I need, back it goes, and I’ll try a pair of the Charges.

I bet you will like the extreme. If you do just buy a second one and pair them together. Nothing wrong with that!
I’m less than thrilled with it.
It seems like it needs to just be a left or right speaker to create any dimensional sound, and the volume isn’t there. The pair of Sonos One SLs I had last year were a little light on bass, otherwise decent sound and good volume, but dealing with power cords was annoying, they’re not weatherproof, and they’re WiFi only. I’m listening from 8’ away on my deck which is 14’x24’, and the extreme is on the rail on the short length (width) of the deck.