Speakers for super sensitive ears?

Has anybody had a similar experience to mine and found that commercial speakers just arent finely tuned to your ears anywhere near as well as you would like and that no commercial speaker sounds right?

I believe I am in that elite group. What is the solution to this?
I have found that pretty much every speaker that is for sale isnt good enough for my exquisuite requirements. 


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Scientific hearing tests would presumably be able to confirm whether your hearing capabilities truly exceed those typical of your age group and gender. I would think you would want to know that before going any further with this. If your hearing capabilities don’t fall outside scientifically established norms, your problem lies elsewhere. 
No one else here on Audiogon claims to have superior hearing when it comes to music (whatever that means). So why would you think anyone here could actually help you?
Ok, then “I would guess that a large enough sample size” of speakers auditioned would sooner or later result in a win for the OP’s problem. His sample size obviously isn’t large enough.

Have you built your own speakers yet? If not, why not?