Speakers for Sugden A21 se

Hi ,
I am in Quest for a new speaker.
My current system is Sugden a21se and Dynaudio X12.
The pairing is sweet for a small bedroom (12 *10 sq ft)
I would be moving to a larget room (20 *12 SQft).
I am in quest for a new speaker .
Have anyone listened to the Indian speaker Rethm Saadhana v2 with a pairing with Sugden.
Also if i consider Proacs/Focal , which models should I look at.
I prefer Musical sound , not analytical.
Price Range : Max $3000
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I remember Paradigm Reference series sounding good with this amp back about ten years ago when it came out. I'm sure the Focal/Proacs would also work well. You also might consider Vandersteen 1c.
I own Focals and love them but would say they tend towards the analytical side of the spectrum. They may nonetheless pair up well with the Sugden.