Speakers for stargates?

I have a pair of joule-electra stargates any recomendations
for speakers to go with them. Any one have them. I would like to hear from some stargate customers. Thanks E

P.S. I want speakers that sound & LOOK good especially with lipstick red amps :)
the best speakers for the stargates are the wilson sophias

the red color should match perfectly i live in dc lets

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I don't know eric, those candy-apple Merlin VSMs...

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Oh Eric, we were having fun, ( not ) at your expense. Things have been boring all Summer and you livened up the threads.

For an honest answer to your question, the factory specifies that your Stargates are a transformer coupled parallel single-ended triode monobloc amplifier delivering 30 full Class A watts into 4, 8, and 16 ohm loads.

That means you need a reasonably efficient speaker, depending on your room size. There is a good chance you can drive Soundlab M2's and Vandersteen 5's with this amp. The Soundlab is more interested in voltage swing than high current, and the your amps 6C33 C tube is a high current device.

The Vandersteen has it's own powered sub, making it relatively easy to drive, especially considering its high performance. I have heard them powered by 18 watt tube SET amps with excellent results.

Last year at the CES, Stargates were used to drive Merlin TSMs and the sound was good in that room.
I would listen to Albert, my compatriot in humor and audio. I can say that as an OTL amp owner, go for high impedence. Coincident is working nicely for me.

I think we would appreciate knowing which preamp you are running. With my OTLs, I match them with a Blue Circle preamp to good result. Their new purse preamp should accesorize nicely for you. Just make sure the shade of blue matches the lipstick red. If you plan on going multichannel, the pumps would also fit in well.

For a bit of music to set the mood and help in evaluation, try The Who:
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I'm using the preamp Joule electra la 100 mk3
Ericp, we need to know the color of the preamp...

After that, we will have our bearings, and things can get back on track.