Speakers for Sophia Baby available in Italy ?

I am looking for some high efficiency small speakers that would be a good match for my 10 watt Sophia Electric Baby amplifier. My room is small and listening levels would be low. These speakers need to be available for purchase in Italy. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Also, checkout Decware. Their Decware Minis have been reviewed on Stereomojo with very postive results. They are 94 Dbs. As already stated, the Tekton Design brand has a bunch of postive feedback on Audiogon. Of course, Zu is well known, but what from the reviews, I take away a slightly 'dark' sound. Whatever that means, I don't know.

Also, less well known, but very well reviewed is Vaughn Loudspeakers. Check out Stereomojo and Dagogo for stellar reviews. While these reviews are for their larger speakers, which are 'great' but full range, they also have their smaller high efficiency Pinot. No reviews, and I have not heard them but I find the reviews convincing and a very plausible choice in loudspeakers. If I was in the market, I would have purchased Vaughn already. Just saying.