Speakers for Small Room Primarily Listening to 1950s R&B, R&R

Hi, I'm building my first HiFi set up on a small budget.  My listening room is my home office, which is 11' x 11'.  I will primarily be listening to early vinyl (1950s-1960s) and CD remasters of early 1950s/60s R&R, R&B, Gospel, Blues music.  I ordered a Fluance RT85 turntable, looking at IOTAVX  SA3 integrated amp, and a CD transport.

What speakers should I get?  Because of room size, I'm leaning toward ELAC Debut 2 B6.2.  Any thoughts or recommendations?  

Op if you are in the us we have one of the largest collections of monitors in the country

We sell kef,paradigm, quad,dali,elac,jern Alta, golden ear

You should consider a naim uniti atom it will easily ot perform the itavox the atom combined an.amp dac and streamer you would have to Pat about 4k on a bunch of separate boxes to even come near to the performance of the atom
Be mindful of your speaker choice....

Once a later 60's/70's tune sneaks in, your system may not agree and blow fuses.
I don’t have anything to sell but look at some used Reference 3A de Capos a bit bigger than you may want but the sound is rich detailed   listen to blues/jazz/rock
Energy RC-10 bookshelf speakers. They are amazing!- 150 hours of break in...

 BIC America DV62 bookshelf, amazing open airy sound, bass also great on them. 100-150 hours break in.

Martin Logan motion 15s’ are a nice little bookshelf. 100 hours break in, the big brother motion 35s’ are also stellar.

don’t trash those BIC America speaks til you hear them, they will save you money. They need a hundred hours of break in.........

many many many choices... see recommended sections of audio publications for monitor speakers

if you want recommendations here, you should say more about your budget 

you should plan to get a subwoofer too if you want to hear the music in its proper glory
So speakers I want to keep at $500 or less. As I noted in my initial post, "small budget".   All my separates are around the $500 price point: IOTAVX SA3 integrated Amp, Fluance RT85 turntable, are each in that $500 range.  The ELAC Debut 2 B6.2 speakers are $350.  Others I've considered are Triangle Bro 3, but I think my room is too small at 11' x 11'. Perhaps, the Bro 2 might work.  The Bro 3's need to be 2-3 feet away from a wall, which puts them close to the center of the floor in my room.

Another I've considered are Klipsch RP600, but not sure if 1950s R&R is suited best for Klipsch unique characteristics.
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I revised my office last year, I could not be happier, or, let's say, I am happy enough that I don't even consider changing the speakers, even though something better may or of course exists.

I made a perfect listening triangle, that is the most critical part of the success.

the speakers in bookcases opposite my desk, horizontal at ear level, either side of my monitor. The imaging is terrific, from TT or R2R, and/or streaming music video, or any video actually.

I went for real bookcase speakers, small enough to fit 11-1/2" depth, horizontal on the shelf at seated ear level, no ports. 6-1/2" drivers are essentially the largest in that category.

I extend bass with a single self-powered sub, not aware of it until you turn it off.

Preamp to sub's equalizer, sub takes the low bass, sends only upper bass, mids, highs to the amp and bookshelf speakers. That allows both the amp and speakers to do a better job, not trying to make low bass.

That also allows you to stay with a less powerful amp as it does not need to make low bass, the real need for power. Anytime you reduce power needs, it makes it easier to try tubes, now or in the future.

You don't need the best sub, in this case it is simply adding some bass extension, general mono fill, not low bass imaging like you might go for in a larger system.

specifically I already had a vintage Velodyne sub and bought used vintage B&W bookshelf speakers.