Speakers for small room?

I've bought a new house; only problem is that the listening room is small (12 x 13, with 9' ceilings). So I won't be able to put speakers far out into the room. Any suggestions for speakers that are designed to be placed close to a wall? I listen mostly to classical music and jazz; ideally, the speakers could be driven by a tube amp of modest power (50-80 wats).

Thanks - David
I had good results with the Stone image Audio KJB micros in a same size room driven with 35 wpc solid state intergrated.
I had them out about 8 to 10 inches.
Very detailed and musical.
Some speakers that work well in a small room:

Neat Petites (or a couple of other Neat Acoustic designs)
AVI Neutron III
Joseph Audio RMsi
Totem Arros
Dynaudio contour 1.1
Linn Tukans (or other Linn stand mounts)
I am using Proac Response 2. See my system if you like. I did not have success with rear ported speakers. If you are considering a rear ported speaker you should audition carefully in your room before purchasing. Good luck!
You might also want to consider the 1 SC or the Tablette from the Proac line.
I'd second both the Totem Arros and Linn Tukans. I have both, in rooms that require near-wall placement. (The Totems are actually holding their own in a 20 X 30 room as part of a HT system.) I didn't truly appreciate how "unfussy" both these speakers are until I starting messing around with speakers which really don't appreciate being rammed up against the wall... Gershman X-1s, and Merlin TSM-Ms.)
Take a look at the new ProAc Response range of speakers. They have downward firing ports that certainly helps in positioning and do mate well with tube amps so its definitely worth exploring. I'm using the Response D15 in an apartment and I am quite pleased with the results.
I'm using Taylor Reference Monitors in a small listening room with good results. They are front ported and I have them positioned about 15" from the wall.
Happy listening,
Silverline SR 11's would be very nice in a small room, as would Sonus Faber Signum's. Keep the stands for either 24" or less for best results.
Sonus Faber Concertinos or Pro-Ac 1sc
For a small room, I would prefer a fully sealed mini monitor speakers. Too much resonance from ported speakers. ATC SCM10, Rogers LS3/5A
Thanks to everybody who contributed--lots of good ideas to follow up.

I have a room just about the size of yours, and I find the totems sound stunning on the short wall about a foot out. I'm using a creek 4330se and love the sound. I used to be in high-end audio sales for years - I've heard just about everything. In a small room, these speakers have an amazing image, and have great weight to the bass. Audition these (preferrably in your room) and you won't be dissapointed.
Gem4 - I'm moving next week into a house where my listening room will be 21x21 - 10ft ceilings. You mentioned you were running totem arros in a larger space for HT - my system in that room will be strictly 2 channel. Were you able to listen to the arros in that room w/o a sub? How did they sound? Just curious.