Speakers for Simaudio Neo 250i

Happy New Year to all!

Need advice. So far I am listening Focals 807W with the
Sim. 50W/100W and the sound is pretty much good except for the bass. Of course, the bass is not Focals forte so I am
looking for the Bookshelf Speakers (Front Port if possible))with the deeper bass that would have good synergy with the Sim. Listening all kind of music, but the
Smooth Jazz is my favorite.
The Room is 17x12x8. Speakers would be placed against the long wall. Can stretch up to $2500.00.
Thank you
I would always look at pairing dynaudio...recently I gave my speakers the surround beat down with a burnin disk that is designed for this and got them moving... like just playing music can not....you have to do that at the last resort before you can judge...imho.
Nice amp you got.

Normally I am reluctant to recommend a speaker but since your limited to front ported models only, and there aren't as many out there to choose from, this one is easy...

Sonus Faber Venere 2.0

It's front ported, within your budget and sounds absolutely remarkable. Hope this helps.
I'm using Nola Boxers with a Simaudio I-5 LE and am extremely happy with the sound, great bass. They're rear-ported and about 14" out from the wall. I haven't needed to do this but expect you could tune the bass with a foam plug in the port if you thought that were necessary. They're $1500 new and there's a pair of the upgraded S1 version listed on audiogon now for $1300.
Sfar, is the another speaker you know of that sounds like the boxer? An apt comparison?
Schubert - Over the last ten or 15 years I've owned quite a few speakers, Thiel, Proac (two pair), Soliloquy, Merlin and Devore (two pair) and never found any brand that sounded like any of the others with either tube or SS amps.

They all have different strengths and what you'd prefer would depend on your other gear, your taste in music and your hearing.

Of course, that's not a very big sample but if I had to buy again to replace the Boxers I'd go first for Devore, then Proac but wouldn't again buy Merlin or Thiel.
Thanks Star, it was Merlin I was most interested in so that helps.
FWIW, Focal and Triangle sound close to me.