Speakers for Simaudio Moon i3.3 -- Help

I have a Moon i.3.3 (100W/200W) -- in my opinion a great integrated amp. I am looking for a pair of monitor speakers for a medium size room.

My top candidates are Paradigm Signature S1 v3 and Monitor Audio GX50. I am also considering something out of the Totem or Dynaudio lineups. Basically, I am looking for something around $1000-1500 (probably lightly used or demo). I have heard all of these speakers, but not paired with my Moon.

I do not want a speaker hard to drive. The Moon appears to have better synergy with speakers of medium (to light) loads. I listen loud and want air, dynamics and soundstage (and probably in that order).

I listen to all types of music with no emphasis on any particular genre (Classical, Rap, Punk, Country, Reggae, Alt, Classic Rock, Folk, Pop, Jazz, Blues, etc.).

Thoughts??? And Thanks.
What speakers are you currently using?
Thanks for the response.

I am currently in between speakers. I am running my spare set of Cambridge Audio S30s. The speakers are from an abandoned office system. They sound good with the Moon--way good for a $200 pair of speakers. However, they have limitations and are not nor ever have been considered a long term option.

I could go into the CA's limitations but I do not believe that would be helpful. Again they are really good for the price but I am looking for speakers with a retail price of 10 times that of the CAs. I think any of the speakers that I am looking at will outperform the CAs in every category.
I should add that I had been using Gallo ref 3.5s. Great speakers that worked very well with my Rogue Athena & Medusa preamp and amp. However, that set up had double the power and cost three times as much.

I am downsizing and sold the Rogue equipment first. I never intended to use the Moon and Gallos together. After trying them, I was right. The Gallos were not a good match. Too hard to drive

The amp drives the CAs with ease; hence, my thoughts of the speakers named above. I am leaning towards the Paradigm S1s and adding a JL Audio F110 is needed.
I think the Simaudio Moon i3.3 should work well with the Paradigm S1’s, and since you’ve listened to the speakers, there shouldn’t be any surprises. Higher sensitivity speakers will offer greater dynamics at high volume, but if your previous setup was satisfying , this one should be OK. Now if you felt the previous system was reaching its limits, it may be better to rethink the speakers.
I know they are not on your radar but Dali is another good option. I have a Moon i5.3 and listen to about the same music as you. I have a pair of Dali Mentor 2's with the i5.3 and think it sounds really good. They can be found near the lower end of your budget.
I appreciate the comments. I went ahead and purchased the S1s. I will let you know how it works out.