Speakers for Simaudio Moon I-5

I'm starting to build a system from the ground up and I'm really quite new to it all. The only piece I currently have is the Moon I-5. From here I want to buy speakers and a cd player -- both used. I'd like to get the best bang for the buck.

I'm not very concerned about the cd as I plan to go cheap (a relative term here :) -- probably less than $700. The speakers are another issue. I want to buy something I can live with for a long time.

My current room size is "medium" -- an apartment that I will be in for the next few years until I buy a home. I mostly listen to what most would consider "rock" music. I'm a guitarist and I like listening to others guitarists but with the right setup I'm sure I'll enjoy some classical and jazz.

I'm thinking I'd prefer to go with monitor speaker vs floorstanders and I've been to a few shops to sample what they have - though, since I'm buying used I'd really prefer to stop wasting the saleperson's time.

Short and sweet....out of the few speaker I've heard (dynaudio, B&W, Thiel) I loved the Dynaudio S1.4

Which leads me to believe that the 1.3se might be a great used buy. Although I'm a little concerned about the Moon's ability to drive these speakers. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations or advice. There are so many choices out there it can be overwhelming. That along with buying used/untested can be tough.

Any help appreciated...

A friend of mine has Mon I-5 and Nova cd player and he is driving Totem Hawk floorstander and it sounds excellent. The bass is so good that he sold his subwoofer after a week or so.
I sedond Rkmca's observation. The Hawk's are demoed at my local high end dealer with the I-5 and Nova.
Thanks for the input. I checked out the Hawks at the Totem website and they look like nice speakers. It looks like they have the same power requirements as the Dynaudio 1.3se also....so I'm glad to hear that the I-5 seems to have no trouble driving them.

I don't believe any of the local dealers near me carry Totems. Has anyone also heard the Dynaudio 1.3se that could offer a comparison between these and the Hawks? Thanks.
Galen Carol audio in San Antonio, TX may be able to help you, http://www.gcaudio.com. He may let you audition the speakers but you have to pay for shipping. That's the way my friend bought his who is in San Diego, CA.

Disclaimer: I'm not associated with Galen Carol Audio and have not done any business with them.
Not sure what your speaker budget is, but I paired my I5 with Joseph Audio RM7 si, a wonderful match. Can be had for about $1k used. Consider as well the Tyler Acoustics Taylo ref monitor or even the Linnbrooks (if your wallet can handle it!)
Thanks for all the suggestions guys I'm going to try and look into each one. By the way, I pulled up the Joseph Audio website and it looks like there company headquarters are practically next door to the office I work at...what are the chances!?
Dynaudios are said by many many 'philes to be of great synergy with Sim Audio. Try the Contour Special 25's they are little bit easier to drive than 1.3SE, plus way better sound with the latest Esotar2 tweeter and woofer found in the Confidence C4s. I have these 25's and couldn't say enough good words about them!

Abe, I would love to get the 25's but they are out of my price range. I'd like to stay at 2K or less. So for Dynaudio I've been looking at the 1.3SE or 1.3 MK II. Regarding the synergy between the Dyn's and Sim I have heard similar comments here as well as from one of the reps at Dynaudio. He mentioned that his personal system has the Dyn S3.4's paired with the I5 and he couldn't be happier.
Try it with Revels...
A speaker that has developed a legendary cult following...the Green Mountain Audio Europa...new $900...and in my estimation...surpasses the Joeseph Audio standmount...which is a very good speaker...at any rate...if u live close to the factory...ask for a b-stock....
I tried the paradigm S2 and S2 together with I5. I like it.......
I have tryed the I-5 with many different speaker including the Europas and the 1.3se.
IMO the europas where not a good match (sorry europa fans)
The 1.3se were powered with no problem, good sound but IMO sounded bland...this could be considered a positive by some poeple (Neutral)
I found they left you out of the music.
The focus audio f688 sounded stunning with the I-5, read some of the reviews on these speakers, the combo will amaze you
go to
ecoustics.com in the search section put in focus audio fs688
I have never heard the Focus Audio's with the I-5.

But I will say that the Focus Audio 688 is an amazing speaker.
I wish that I had the extra money kicking around so I could buy some.
Just got a chance to audition the Focus Audio 788 since 688 were sold out. I believe Focus Audio is a very very good speaker. Just want to see any suggestion for the interconnect and speaker cables for the Simaudio I-5 (both LE and non LE) and Focus Audio 688 combo???.
richard...definitely consider Audience Au24 cables for your I-5/FS688 combo. I'm a Focus Audio dealer (and a big Sim Audio fan) and have found that the Au24's mid/high frequency performance is an excellent match for the FS688. Also, if you don't plan on bi-wiring, make sure you upgrade the jumpers that come with the FS688.

(disclaimer: I am an Audience dealer, too)
I've heard the I-5/Nova combo with Wilson Benesch Arcs. Stunning! Really big sound with holographic imaging. At first, I thought I was listening to full range speakers. A bit pricey, though. But if you're considering the S1.4's, I'd give the WB's a try. IMHO.
Phil, Thanks for your information, do you know how much will it cost? The local Simaudio dealer suggested me to use cardas cable. any comment? Also please give my some suggestion on my future setup and what kind of digital cable should be used for my DAC?

My future setup will be:
MSB DAC 3 with half Nelson part and a P1000 power supply (currently owned)
Simaudio I-5 LE (plan to get)
Focus Audio 688 or Paradigm signature S2 or Paradigm signature S4(2.5 way) or dynaudio 52SE.

Thanks in advance

I don't have any experience using Cardas cable; others have told me that they sound "dark", but that is second hand. I know the designer at Focus is a big fan of the upper AudioQuest cables. Of course, personal opinion will play a big part in this.

Assuming prices are the same in Canada, you can see the Audience price-list here:


Regarding digital cables, the best advice I can give is to find one that is (1) true 75ohms, and (2) between 1.5m and 2m. Personally, I use an Acoustic Zen Silver Byte with great results (disclaimer: I am also an AZ dealer). Regarding the length of the cable, check out this article:


Hope this helps!

Focus Audio FS688 VS Paradigm S2
Does anyone audition the Paradigm S2 and Focus Audio FS688 side by side? Although they are both Canadian products, it is hard to find a dealer to carry both. In general, I found the Asian Sales Rep. are more prefer to the Focus Audio FS688 (as high end speaker for I-5)as opposite to some Canadian Sales Rep. are more prefer to Paradigm especially the new signature series and they feel the Focus Audio is over priced and old technology, they even suggest me for the price of Focus Audio ($3500cdn) I should get the Paradigm S4. For a different of $1300cdn, please share your point of view of these 2 products...
Doug at soundstage has reviewed the Focus Audio 688/788 and Paradigm Studio 20/S2

He makes some comparisons in this article:

Almost get ready to order the Simaudio I-5 Limited Edition, a friend suggested me to audition the Unison Research Unico integrated Amp and save up some money for other stuffs such as interconnect and cables. Most likely I could not tell the difference unless I put them side my side (due to my experience)

Suggestions are very welcome!

Focus audio FS688 still in my top list.
I'd look at the Dynaudio 52SE. You can buy it new for less then the used 1.3SE, it has the tweeter from the S1.4 which you already know you love and the woofer from the 1.3mkII. That should be a match made in heaven, I'm surprised your dealer did not mention this model.