Speakers for Simaudio

I am searching for speakers (floorstander or bookshelf) for my Simaudio moon i-1; cd-1 combo. Room is 13x15 and Iam listening mostly rock and jazz. Please help!
Well, I can tell you that I'm using Merlin VSM-MM with my Sim i7. I'm pleased witht he results, and I would say rock and jazz comprise 80% of my listening. Therefore, maybe a pair of Merlin TSM's would be appropriate in cost/quality to the i1?

Just a thought.
Tarantula...what speakers are you currently using with the Sim equipment? What don't you like about the current combination? And finally what budget range are you considering?
Yes the Merlin speakers are well known to be a good match for Sim electronics from the Moon series. Another make of speakers that work extremely well with Moon is the VR line from Von Swenkert.
Well, thank you guys for your quick response. I am currently using Dynaudio Excite x32, but what I don't like is that bass is little boomy on some recordings. Maybe that's because of my room or speaker placement. Also I would like to know your experience with Sim electronics, specially Moon I-1; CD-1 and speakers interconnect cable choice... THANKS
Check out the WLM La Scala. Very good with Sim.
Definitley experiment will speaker placement before you spend more money.You might be plesantly suprised.Also remember,some recordings are not very good to start with.Good luck.
Tarantula...your speakers are rated at 87db for sensitivity and nominal impedance is 4 ohms. The Simaudio i-1 is rated as a 50wpc integrated into 8ohms and it doubles to 100wpc into 4ohms, so it could be that your speakers are just presenting too difficult a load to the i-1, although your room is small enough that this may not be too problematic (unless you like to really crank up your music). So it could be that you may want to go one step up with the amplification and borrow an i-3.3 (100wpc into 8ohms and 200wpc into 4ohms) from your dealer just to see what that combo sounds like. Also if boomy bass is your primary concern than you should definitely be able to address some of that with either speaker placement and/or room treatments. Here are two pieces that could help you experiment with speaker placement:
Hope this helps with experimenting with speaker placement.
Maggie MMG
How about Zu Essence with Moon i-1?
Tarantula...you can get the Zu Essence with a 60-day in-home trial and if you don't like them send them back. Zu has decided to bypass dealers and is selling direct and as part of that roll out is giving prospective buyers 60-day "return privileges": http://www.zuaudio.com/
Two things..IMO you should never try to match a speaker to upstream gear,always buy speakers you like and match amps etc with it..Secondly ,the speaker/room interaction is one of the most important factors and sometimes overlooked..Your system will only be as good as the room its in...
No doubt about it, speakers in room interaction is hugely important. I switched rooms with my speaker and it was darn right shocking the difference it made. I blew a lot of cash trying different electronics trying to make things really come alive. Look into to room treatments for sure.
OK... thanks for advice. I will try different positions of speakers in my room. Another thing I would like to know is interconnect and speaker cables for this Sim (i-1; cd-1) - Dyn(x32) system!?!? Cardas, OCOS, or some other brand (model)...?

Tarantula..I would call the Cable Co (http://www.thecableco.com/) and describe your system to them. They can advise you on a number of alternatives and loan you the cables to try out in your system. You can then decide what works best with your system.
I most highly recommend merlin's.
Totem speakers always seem to match quite well with Simaudio electronics.