Speakers for Sim Audio Moon I-5?

Does anyone have any experiences with matching speakers with the Moon I-5? Trying Totem Model 1 Signatures and am impressed but wondering what, if any, other brands should I consider.
Check the "Linn, JosephAudio, Soliloquy" posting in the Sound Advice column dated 1/24/00. I've heard and read of others who like this unit with panel speakers (Magnepan, Apogee, Martin-Logan, etal).
http://www.gershmanacoustics.com Gershman Acoustics Speakers are a great match for Sim Audio Electronics. I recomend calling Sim Audio and asking them, I am almost certain one of their recomendations will be Gershman.
Try the Moon I-5 with the larger/more expensive Totem Tabu's. Many have found the Tabu's to be an ideal match for the I-5.
Anyone have B&W 805s with I-5? I am thinking about NAD S300 also.
I am using B&W Nautilus 805's with a Moon I-5 integrated and the results are as perfect as I've heard.
2nd the opinion for Gershman Acoustics. The Sim with Gershman Avante Garde's is an incredible combo.
Dynaudio 1.3 SE. Fantastic match.