Speakers for Secondary Adcom System

I'm setting up a secondary system with an Adcom GTP-400 preamp, Adcom GTP 545II (100x2) amp, and Philips CD player. The system will be set up in a moderately sized room with relatively short ceilings. I was wondering what type of speakers do you think would be complementary to go along with these components? Preferrably in the $500-800 used price range? Thanks.
For a similar preamp/power amp set-up (Adcom 500 & 545), I did very well with EPOS ES 11, which are now EPOS M12.2 ($800 range new). I used the combination for quite a number of years. Good smooth sound. The system was primarily digital ... a Magnavox 630 CD player and then later a Proton 500 series CD player.

Regards, Rich
The Spendor small monitors are very musical and not so critical of the brightness that usually accompanies Adcom gear.
Keep in mind that we are talking Adcom gear from 15 or so years ago, which "sounded" differently that later generation Adcom gear. The 545 and 400/500 were not bright sounding (etched was another word used) components.

Regards, Rich