Speakers for Sansui AU-666

I'm currently on the lookout for a pair of speakers that would complement my vintage Sansui AU666 integrated, which i use in my bedroom system with a Dual 505-3/ OM20 and computer w/uDac as sources.

The room itself is approx 14' x 9.5', with the speakers on the long wall, at the foot of my bed. Carpeted.

I'm currently running Rega Aras on stands and, although good, I feel there would be a better speaker for this amp.

Bearing in mind the amp's amp's vintage, the room size, the limited space for speaker placement and the fact that the room is acoustically dead (primarily due to synthetic carpets, which i think suck the life out of speakers), does anyone have any idea of a solid speaker pairing?

In some ways, i was thinking about Klipsch Heresys, but there is a voice in the back of my head that says not to go that route.

Old Dynaco A10's or A25's, which can be had at very low cost, are other speakers I was thinking of as a potential.

JBL's come to mind as well..L100s or L110 (don't know if these are too big for the room, though)

Perhaps Yamaha NS series speakers...

ADS is yet another...not sure of which model, mind you. Perhaps the 570?


All of these speaker options are vintage, however, i'm not opposed to a new speaker that would work in my situation. To be honest, most modern speakers I've tried in my condo do not sound good due to room acoustics (which i cannot change). I'm starting to think that vintage speakers are the way to go.

Any thoughts and/or suggestions would be much appreciated.
The kind of music you like may help you narrow the field a bit. I have a similar sized room and ADS L-710's are great in there. I think the 570 is a two-way speaker vs the 710 which has a mid.- Also Have the JBL-4311(the l-100 is the home version of the 4311-prettier packaging ); More dynamic impact than the ADS at equivalent power but at the expense of some of the ADS magic in the mids and highs. If you listen primarily to rock- the JBL's are hard to beat. Broad spectrum I'd lean toward the ADS- they're a little less forward and do a nicer job with acoustic instruments IMO. The Yamaha NS are good also- but I've had issues with tweeters in them... Heard very good things about the Dynaco's but have yet to hear them. I would use stands to get the speakers at or near ear level for your listening position.To be honest, I'm very pleasantly surprised that there are so many good inexpensive speakers on the market. I think the Heresy are likely to sit too low in a room with a bed...
Harbeths. They sound about the same to me from any amp.
Your Sansui AU-666 was designed to drive very efficient 8 ohm speakers. The first speaker that comes to mind is Klipsch Heresy. The JBL L-100 would work too, but the price has become too high for what they are. I think any speaker that works well with tubes should be fine.
Ths364 - Thanks for your suggestion - you're right! I should have mentioned my preferences. Actually, i enjoy all kinds of music - anything from Beethoven to Black Sabbath. Not really helpful, i suppose, but i guess i'm trying to say i want a good all-arounder.

I'm interested in speakers that can do the typical audiophile things (have airy highs, deep and wide stage, clear instrument/vocal delineation etc etc), BUT, i would also like to have a speaker that makes classic rock /oder recordings sound reasonable to good (as opposed to being totally unlistenable on 'audiophile' speakers).

Rgs92 - appreciate your suggestion, but Harbeths just don't 'do it' for me (they never have, for whatever reason, although i know they have a HUMONGOUS following).

Rrog - the Sansui is likely more powerful than you're giving it credit for (although I understand your point - they're not going to drive really heavy loads). But, for the record, i drove a pair of Epos ES14s with that amp without issue (not the easiest speaker in the world to drive). My concern about the Heresy is with respect to how people describe the highs (as being very hard/overbearing at times). Although i want an open sound, i don't want my ears to bleed.

Also, does anyone know if the heresy's can be used on stands, or do they HAVE TO be on the floor to perform properly? I also understand that Heresy's are best suited to tubes, so i wonder if the Sansui solid state would be too 'edgy' or 'hard' with the Heresys...

And, as far as a JBL 100 or 110, what would you consider to be a reasonable price? And would they be too big for the room (i'm reading conflicting things about this)?


So far, it appears as though i'm on the right track w/ my short list, based on all of your suggestions thus far.

If anyone else has anything different to put on the table, your thoughts would be appreciated.


My speaker history, just fyi:

Energy ESM4
Energy ESM2
NHT 1.3A
NHT 1.3A (again)
NHT 2.5i
StudioLab Reference 1
Neat Mystique II
NHT 1.5
Rega Ara
Epos ES14
Royd Minstrels

Currently still use the Mintrels on a Sugden A48B integrated and am currently using the Aras on the Sansui. The Minstrels work nicely with the Sugden, but not so much w/ the Sansui. Vice-versa w/ respect to the Aras: they sound better on the Sansui than the Sugden. Overall, i prefer the Royds, but i still feel the regas have a more refined midrange than the Royds, in a way (if not more refined, then a little cleaner, i guess).

But, as good as the Aras are in my bedroom, i want a 'bigger' sound, as described above (and able to play all kinds of music).
I have a bedroom system with the AU D-11 driving EPI 100s. I would also consider Advent or older infinity such as the "Q" series.
I just picked up some Bozak CS501-A's. I hadn't heard them in many many years. I hooked them up yesterday in my 2nd system and they realy have a very nice full sound. They really play rock and roll very nicely. I spoke wiht a Bozak specialist who makes mods for Bozak and he suggested the 501's don't need any mods at all. I got them from a friend who was the origional owner but didnt have the room for them any longer. I just put a fresh coat of furniture polich on them and they look great.

Many years ago I owned both the jbl 100 and 110. They can't carry the bozaks suitcase. Another good speaker for your setup would be the Infinity pos II. They blew the doors off the JBL's.
A friend in my area matches vintage Sansui and Bozak.
I have owned the same amp, I still own a pair of the Dynaco A25xl's. I updated the tweeters after the originals failed. There are very nice replacememnts that drop right in. I used SEAS Prestige 27TFFC (H881) Textile Dome at madisound. I am still amazed at what these old speakers can do, they also have a knob in the back with three settings for bass, neutral, treble. I have them placed on some DIY speaker stands. Enjoy your search.
Bozak, eh? I've never really read anything about them, let alone heard them (i've heard OF them). I'll have to read up on them..

Musicrover: How were the original tweeters on the A25s by comparison to the new ones? Did these Dynacos only come alive w/ the new tweeters? The reason i ask is b/c i wasn't likely going to be modding any speakers i purchase (not to that extent, anyway...although now you got me thinking...)

I just found a guy relatively close by who's apparently got a ton of vintage speakers (and receivers, amps etc), including many of the ones discussed here. Hopefully, i can get a chance to make some direct comparisons. Can't wait!
Actually the ES14 is an easy speaker to drive with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms and a minimum of 7 ohms. It is basically crossoverless so nothing to rob power in that respect.

Price on JBL L 100 depends on condition.
Loose - The Dynacos have a very good sound with the original tweeters, However with the new tweeters they took another step up IMO. The tweeters are very easy to replace just a few screws to remove and connect a couple of wires and you are in business. It was worth the cost for me.
I started with the Dynaco A25s back in the 1970s and still
have a deep affection for them. They cost me new $120 for
the pair.
I listened to all the ARs, KLHs, Advents, ADCs and liked the
Dynacos much better for the solid integrated bass and the
lack of a jazzy-tizzy tweeter and a kind of coherent natural

Now I use a pair of Lahave Mela monitors (small, 33 pound
speakers that have a million-dollar tonality to me and a
live you are there sound almost like I used to get with my
Apogee Stages, another benchmark speaker for me).

I also have and like a litte pair of Sonus Faber Cremona
Auditors (though I plan on selling these when i get around
to it); I like the Melas better.
Back to this older thread, I've been looking at a pair of ADS L710 speakers and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on that pairing (with the Sansui AU666 integrated, that is).