Speakers for RWA Signature 57

Hey Folks -- I am looking for advice on speakers that would be a good match for a RWA Sig 57/ RWA is big on the Harbeths but they are out of my budget. I am looking at <$1500 range for speakers for a small 8 by 20 rectangular room. I listen to mostly funk, afro-latin, classical and R&B and hip/hop a little bit of classic rock. I fell in love with the reserved warmth and detail of the RWA Isabellina pre/dac for my cans so am going to upgrade to the 57 and get out of the cans. I like a big accurate center image, concise but plentiful bottom and will tune the room once everything's in place. I do like to crank it but i don't want to overwhelm the room - right now i am considering the Lore-s and the KEF LS50's but I suspect the Lore-s will be more accommodating on the bottom end for me --- any thoughts ?
I like my lore s but it's not bottom heavy with my rwa sig 15. I think the regular lore may have better bass. In terms of your other criteria the lore s are great. Plenty loud on my lower power amp. I also tried my rwa with the big floor standing sonus fabers and it was great but they cost more if you buy new. Good luck.
I have a pair of Proac Supertowers, Proac Studio 100's and Studio 1 mk2 for sale. All are teak. I'm in CT and would love local pick up. They are all known for staging and imaging. They will have the typical British sound. I bought these all over the Rogers and Harbeths that my dealer also sold. I have used the smaller proacs with Onix integrateds that I'm also selling off. They are just very good British speakers for most everything and they look great. Just let me know either way.
Thanks, I'm hesitant to go much bigger as the room is really quite small (ceilings are low as well) -- I have never heard the Sonus -- am really leaning towards the lore-s .. I am not looking for subsonic range, I have another not-so audiophile rig with a sub if I want to hear that.
Thanks, I like the proacs. Am looking for something a little different.
Hi Omoanya,

The Lore does have more bottom than the Lore-S, and it also plays louder with lower power. I think the Lore is better suited for your music than the Lore-S, and is a HUGE value. I've read that it gets stupid-good with some crossover tweaks.

If you are looking at LS50s, I also heard about the Cambridge Audio Aero 2s as being a great value at $500/pair. Front ported speakers are going to be your friend if you can't place the speakers out much from the wall behind them.

Also worth mentioning - your room is not very wide, but it is deep. With music playing, as you walk towards or away from the speakers, you are going to (most likely) hear heavy bass peaks and nulls. So ideally, you'll be able to move your listening chair forward/back a few feet to get a balanced sound...

Keep us posted!

Thanks Vinnie !