Speakers for Rotel RA1570 integrated

Hello forum readers.  I am in need of some advice for bookshelf/monitors for my setup.  I recently moved into a small apartment and have my setup in a room roughly 10'x12' with speakers along the 10' wall being run by a Rotel RA 1570 Integrated.  Due to room layout and my desk, my speakers will be on the 10' wall.  Due to room constraints and layout, I can't really set my speakers far from the wall and they will have to sit on a desk.  I bought a pair of Iso-acoustics desk stands in order to help with vibrations.  I sit roughly 4-5 feet away from my speakers when listening to music.  I have tried many brands through the years and am in need of some suggestions for my setup.  If anyone has any insight as to what speakers may work best in my environment please feel free to give any advice.  Again, small apartment and don't really play music loud.  Looking for speakers that aren't the most revealing since I listen mostly from my computer fed thru the built in DAC in the Rotel.  I will be honest, I listen to music just for the enjoyment.  I do not want anything too revealing as I just want some good all round speakers that play well with a variety of music.  Thanks!
the rega rs1 are really good in a near-wall configuration. for a step-up, the paradigm signature 1.
Hey, mgrec42,

In a situation like yours I would check out the Audioengine HDP6 passive. Nearfield desktop set-ups are a strength of Audioengine. My wife uses their A2+ Powered speakers and they sound excellent. Good luck in your search.


Here's me piling onto @mgrec42's question because I have a similar dilemma:

In a desktop speaker configuration, in particular when the distance from the speaker to the wall will be short, would it be better to use speakers that have front ports? Are front ported speakers best to use when placed against the wall? 


Vandersteen VLR are Made in USA and sound great with Rotel
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