Speakers for Rogue Sphinx

I order a Rogue Sphinx and am looking for speaker suggestions for it.

The room is 25x20. 8ft ceiling. Will need acoustic treatment, but that's another discussion.

Rock/folk/similar types of music: Kinks, Stones, Clash, Dylan, Spacemen3, Little Feat, The Fall, 
Symphonic music, rap/club, and metal aren't important.

Was going to get Tekton Lores, but they aren't in production right now. So considering their Enzo line. 

Soundstage and such are far more important than physical appearance.
That is a low ceiling for that big of a room. I would go for speakers that are slanted back, i.e. time aligned (highs travel a speck faster than lows) or flat faced ones that you can improvise to slant them slightly, and toe them in, all to avoid reflections from parallel surfaces. Tweeters have narrower dispersion, so aim them at seated ear height.

Horns, more efficient, have wider dispersion, some horns are designed to restrict vertical dispersion (good for your 8' ceiling) and provide wide horizontal dispersion, another reason to toe horns in.

Try aggressive toe-in, you may be surprised, maintain great imaging with a wider center for 2 listeners, and even less reflections from side walls.

I always recommend efficient speakers to make it easier to try tube amps, and reduce cost of any amp in the future. smaller, lighter, less heat, more placement options all come from efficient speakers reduced power needs.
So the Lore's and Enzo's are great, I would go Enzo XL over Lore. And if you can up your budget a little, it might be a good idea to go with one of the models with the 7 tweeter array. They will give you a little more midrange magic. The Enzo 2.7 is the smallest in size with it's double 8" woofers. Perfect Set and Perfect Set 2-10 work well with SS amps as well as being tube friendly. Up the budget more and you can move into Electron and DI. In general the more you can spend the better the sound.
Emerald Physics 3.0s- 2.8s. I saw a pair of 2.8s for sale recently. Do a search
Have heard Rogue Sphinx. Very nice! Consider Ohm Walsh for something a bit different if you can find a pair....factory in Brooklyn has been impacted heavily by Covid and backed up last I heard but used pairs come up here and there on occasion and offer exceptional value. Best for bringing the music live into your room and not being restricted to a small sweet spot. Hybrid tube-pre/Class D amp like Sphinx is a perfect match and should provide many hours of listening enjoyment regularly.
If you’re open to used there’s a pair of Spatial M3 Triode Masters on US AudioMart for $1899 that image/soundstage very well due to their dipole design and additional rear-firing tweeter.  For new speakers the LSA-20 Signatures are still on sale here for $2299/pr. with a 30-day, in-home trial period, which is super nice to have these days.  They targeted Joseph Audio speakers — one of the better imaging/soundstage makes IMO — as a benchmark during development, and if you read the reviews it looks like they largely succeeded but cost far less since they’re sold direct.  Just a couple other options, and best of luck in your search and congrats on the new integrated!
Do you like bass? Paradigm persona 7f with RA would be awesome. whereabouts are you?
I called Tekton and was able to get a pair of the Lores.

Thanks everyone, I'll let you know what I think.
How did you make out with the Tektons? Did you do any of the upgrades? I’m also a new Sphinx owner and looking to improve over my Wharfedale Diamond 220’s...