Speakers For Rock

I am looking for speakers for rock/pop. My budget is 4000.00. I'm looking for a speaker that is good with rock, does well at the details instead of hints at them, yet at the same time is not fatiguing. The speakers I have in my main system are very good at a lot of things. However, they are not my cup of tea with the kind of music I like. They okay with poor recordings (most rock/pop). I want something that will sound killer with the poor recrodings. From reading the forums, it seems like the Von Schweikert VR 4 jrs may foot the bill. Thoughts? Thanks
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Have you listened to the B&W Nautilus 800 series speakers? These speakers sound great on rock/pop, and the nautilus tweeter is very smooth and forgiving with some poorly recorded material. The Nautilus 803 usually sells for less than $4000 used here on Audiogon.
Tyler Acoustics Taylo Reference IIIs would do really well at just over $4500 new. For rock you need bass, and the Seas 10 inch woofers produce high output yet are incredibly fast and articulate. The Scanspeak Revelator tweeter ranks among the elite soft domes - smooth yet very detailed.

I owned Ty's Taylo Reference monitors with the Revelator and heard the Seas 10 inch woofers in his Woodmeres when I visited his factory in the spring, so I know from experience. I have a pair of Woodmeres on order.

Ty has his Linbrook Signature System on August sale for under $5000 as well. I traded my Linbrooks for the Woodmeres and I've no doubt that they'll better the Ref IIIs, but need more space being rear ported. I personally think the Seas Millenium tweeter is just a bit more liquid. Don't worry that the paired 8 inch woofers in the Linbrook bass modules won't rock - they are fabulous down to 30 Hz and very little recorded music goes lower.

You'll never regret buying either the Taylo Ref IIIs or the Linbrooks. You can also later trade up to the Woodmeres for the ultimate in true large scale loudspeakers at a fraction of the cost of the Dynaudio Temptations, Avalon Eidelons, Talon Firebirds, etc. of the high end audio world.
I second the Tyler idea. although you might need a (stereo) subwoof to get full authority in the bass.
An unusual recommendation: horns. A good design like the old Klipsch (if you have the room) could fit your bill.
The Hyperion HPS 938.
I would go for a used pair of Proac Response 3.8s. You might not think, but their 6.5 inch lower bass driver makes them ideal partners for good rock. You should find a decent pair around for about 3000-4000 used. I have them and their great with a good powerful amp an good source.
Hi again, Kclone.

An update on the Linbrook System - Ty now also makes a one piece model that is front ported and better if speakers require placement close to the front wall.

Best wishes for great music, whatever your decision.

Thanks for the responses so far guys. I did not like the looks of the Taylo Reference IIIs, or should I say I don't think my wife would go for it. I will be sure to check out the Proacs since I have never heard them. Anyway, any more suggestions?
jbl k2s9800 seg pos they are a great speaker with a awesome network
Soliloquy 6.3, or if you want the REALLY low bass, the 6.5
You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a superb speaker that sounds good with solid state or tubes. You can pick up a pair of 6.3's used for around $1300, which IMO is a ridiculous bargain.
Under your budget, but you might like the PSB Stratus Gold speaker. It's attractive (for a box) and PSB has lots of dealers, so you should be able to personally audition a pair.
I have heard the PSB Strasus Gold and not the best at details.
2000.00 will buy you klipschorns, and I am sure that none of the others listed will rock like they will.
If the WAF is a major consideration, then my suggestion may not go over well - however, I think you should seriously check out Vandersteens. In your price range you could get a new pair of Vandy 3A Signatures with Sound Anchors. The Vandersteens may not be as detailed as you like, but I suggest that you give them a listen. I think they represent a significant value.

I would have bought a pair of 2CE Sigs myself, were it not for the WAF...
I really like my Klipsch Legend Series speakers. They are simply awesome for rock/pop music. I would recommend the KLF-20's or their bigger brother the KLF-30's.

i have a pair of k2s9800 [cherrywood] for sale, but you would have to increase your budget
I would go with the VR -4 jrs. I had them in house for about 4 months and was surprised how they play all music well. Rock came out the best and sounded deep and rich at extreme high volumes. No brightness at all compared to other speakers at twice the price. Easy to drive too.
Hmmmmm...you want to rock and a speaker that sounds good with todays rock recordings? May I suggest Neat speakers?
Very little known about them here in the US but worth seeking if rock is your thing.
Vandersteen 5a
Gotta agree with the Tyler Acoustics. I actually visited Ty to listen to their speakers in person. Playing Green Day's "American Idiot" through the Linbrooks just floored me. Hearing that piece through speakers this quick put a whole new and positive light on it that was an amazingly visceral experience. I had to play it over several times in a row just for pure enjoyment.
Which model of the Linbrooks did you listen to? Thanks
They were Linbrook floorstanders - beyond that I don't remember the model.
Get the VR-4's.

Seriously - I'm using the VR-1's and play almost nothing but heavy classic rock. The results are absolutely amazing! I really can't believe the power and size these small speakers are able to produce and they're NOTHING compared to the 4's.

I auditioned the 4's and, if I could have afforded them, would have picked them up in a heart-beat!
I liked the sound of rock with my former B&W N805, but will second the idea of some vintage JBL up there.

Another vote for B&W speakers. They are all-rounders and can certainly rock! You may want to consider a used pair of N803 as the first poster suggests.